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Modified Talbot interferometer for fabrication of fiber-optic grating filter over a wide range of Bragg wavelength and bandwidth using a single phase mask
A technique involving a compact apparatus that combines the phase mask and two-beam interferometric techniques is presented. It involves the use of a phase mask to diffract the ultraviolet (UV) beamExpand
Effects of Shaking on the Growth and Mechanical Properties of Hedysarum laeve May Be Independent of Water Regimes
Little is known about how the effects of mechanical perturbation (MP) on clonal semishrubs vary with soil water in inland dune ecosystems. To investigate this, a greenhouse experiment was conductedExpand
Visual C++ Implementation of Sinogram-based Adaptive Iterative Reconstruction for Sparse View X-Ray CT
An adaptive iterative reconstruction algorithm for X-ray CT, that is shown to provide results comparable to those obtained by proprietary algorithms, both in terms of reconstruction accuracy and execution time. Expand
Realization of Loschmidt echo in atom optics billiard
Loschmidt echo of atoms trapped in atom optics billiards with chaotic and mixed dynamics is realized by performing a microwave Ramsey sequence to their internal state.
Motion and stability of caisson breakwaters under breaking wave impact
The possible motions of caisson breakwaters under dynamic load excitation include vibrating motion, vibrating–sliding motion, and vibrating–rocking motion. Three models are presented in this paperExpand