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Properties of Positive Solutions for Non‐local Reaction–Diffusion Problems
In this paper we investigate the properties of positive solutions for three non-local reaction-diffusion problems. The conditions on the existence and non-existence of global positive solutions areExpand
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One and three limit cycles in a cubic predator-prey system
A cubic differential system is proposed, which can be considered a generalization of the predator–prey models, studied recently by many authors. The properties of the equilibrium points, theExpand
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A mixed method for the mixed initial boundary value problems of equations of semiconductor devices
In this article, the approximation of nonstationary equations of the semiconductor device with mixed boundary conditions is considered. The approximate procedure of this system using a GalerkinExpand
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Competition in the bioreactor with general quadratic yields when one competitor produces a toxin
 Microorganisms produce toxins against its competitors sometimes, and variable yields are useful to explain the observed oscillatory behavior in the reactor. In this paper, a model with generalExpand
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Design and experiment of onboard laser time transfer in Chinese Beidou navigation satellites
This article describes the development of onboard LTT payload, introduces the principle, system composition, applications and LTT measuring results for Chinese satellite navigation system. Expand
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Pattern dependence in synergistic effects of total dose on single-event upset hardness*
The pattern dependence in synergistic effects was studied in a 0.18 μm static random access memory (SRAM) circuit. Experiments were performed under two SEU test environments: 3 MeV protons and heavyExpand
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Design and performances of laser retro-reflector arrays for Beidou navigation satellites and SLR observations
This paper presents the design and installation of laser retro-reflector arrays for Beidou navigation satellites and the method of inclined installation of LRAs for GEO satellites. Expand
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Real-space dynamical simulation for electron microdiffraction effects
A microdiffraction pattern is calculated from a translation domain boundary in beta-Ni3Nb with a little crystal tilt by real-space multislice procedure, which is very similar to the experimentalExpand
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Transition metal alloying effects on chemical bonding in TiH2
By use of the linear-combination-of-atomic-orbital (LCAO) method for a cluster model, we study the alloying effect on chemical bonding in TiH2 systems. In order to verify that the cluster model isExpand
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Computational investigations of the monolayer heteroepitaxial growth of Au on Ni(110)
By using an N-body potential scheme in the framework of the tight-binding second moment approximation, we have theoretically examined the growth mode of Au epitaxially grown on Ni(1 1 0). It is seenExpand
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