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The Vertebrates of the Jurassic Daohugou Biota of Northeastern China
The Daohugou Biota and the Jehol Biota are two successive Lagerstätte assemblages that collectively offer a taphonomically consistent window into the Mesozoic life of northeast Asia over a significant span of geologic time.
Vertebrate diversity of the Jehol Biota as compared with other lagerstätten
The Jehol Biota undoubtedly represents a world class lagerstätte in terms of both fossil preservation and vertebrate diversity, and analysis of the habitat and diet of various vertebrate groups indicates that the habitats and dietary differentiation had played a key role in the success of the taxonomic diversity of vertebrates of various ranks.
The early cretaceous lizard Dalinghosaurus from China
The postcranial skeleton is characterised by long hind limbs and short forelimbs, but the delicacy of the long pes and the slender claws suggest this animal may have been a climber rather than a facultative bipedal runner.
Genome-wide DNA methylome analysis reveals epigenetically dysregulated non-coding RNAs in human breast cancer
The potential functions of aberrantly methylated ncRNAs were predicted, suggestiong that nc RNAs and coding genes cooperatively mediate pathway dysregulation during the development and progression of breast cancer.
Preparation of Artificial Antigen and Development of IgY-Based Indirect Competitive ELISA for the Detection of Kanamycin Residues
The present study was aimed to evaluate the feasibility to use chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) for the detection of Kanamycin (Kana) residues in food stuffs. Bovine serum albumin (BSA) was
The gnd gene of Buchnera as a new, effective DNA barcode for aphid identification
It is shown that gnd can identify species in the Aphididae, which suggests that the gnd region of Buchnera is a potentially effective barcode for aphid species identification.
Post-Metamorphic Development of Early Cretaceous Frogs as a Tool for Taxonomic Comparisons
This study revealed that the following characters are independent of size in Liaobatrachus: frontoparietals with a fontanelle between their frontal portions; quadratojugal present; vertebral centra amphicoelous and pierced by a notochordal canal; and free (not ankylosed) ribs attached to diapophyses of second to fourth vertebrae.
Elevated Atmospheric CO 2 and Drought Affect Soil Microbial Community and Functional Diversity Associated with Glycine max
Abstract Under the background of climate change, the increase of atmospheric CO2 and drought frequency have been considered as significant influencers on the soil microbial communities and the yield
Pathogenesis and pathological analysis of Edwardsiella tarda from Dabry's sturgeon (Acipenser dabryanus) in China
The results from this study elucidate the pathogenesis and severe pathogenicity that E. tarda has in farmed A. dabryanus and highlight the need for appropriate disease control and prevention measures.
The mitochondrial genome of Greenidea psidii van der Goot (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Greenideinae) and comparisons with other Aphididae aphids.
The ratios of nonsynonymous to synonymous substitution rates indicated that the evolution of the aphid mitogenomes has been dominated by purifying selection, and the phylogenetic relationships among all aphid species with completeMitogenomes were investigated.