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Tip Leakage Flow Downstream a Compressor Cascade with Moving End Wall
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Surveillance of hand, foot, and mouth disease in mainland China (2008-2009).
OBJECTIVE Since HFMD was designated as a class C communicable disease in May 2008, 18 months surveillance data have been accumulated to December 2009. This article was to describe the distribution ofExpand
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Hollow Porous SiO2 Nanocubes Towards High-performance Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
The high theoretical capacity and low discharge potential of silicon have attracted much attention on Si-based anodes. Herein, hollow porous SiO2 nanocubes have been prepared via a two-stepExpand
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Comparisons of Biochar Properties from Wood Material and Crop Residues at Different Temperatures and Residence Times
Biochar has been increasingly used as a method for C sequestration and soil improvement. To understand how feedstock and pyrolysis conditions affect biochar characteristics, we investigated twoExpand
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy-based, homogeneous, multiplexed immunoassay with antibody-fragments-decorated gold nanoparticles.
We report the development of a novel single-step, multiplexed, homogeneous immunoassay platform for sensitive detection of protein targets based on our realization of high surface-enhanced ramanExpand
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Linear subspace design for real-time shape deformation
We propose a method to design linear deformation subspaces, unifying linear blend skinning and generalized barycentric coordinates. Expand
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Simultaneous determination of malachite green, brilliant green and crystal violet in grass carp tissues by a broad-specificity indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
An immunizing hapten (4-(carboxymethoxy)phenyl)bis(4-(diethylamino)phenyl)methylium for brilliant green (BG), a triphenylmethane dye with a potential illegal use in fish feeding, was synthesized andExpand
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Excellent performance in lithium-ion battery anodes: rational synthesis of Co(CO3)0.5(OH)0.11H2O nanobelt array and its conversion into mesoporous and single-crystal Co3O4.
Herein, we report a rational method to synthesize a Co3O4 nanobelt array on a conducting substrate and functionalize it in the application of Li-ion battery anodes, which is a novel and facileExpand
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Hydrothermal synthesis of MnO2/CNT nanocomposite with a CNT core/porous MnO2 sheath hierarchy architecture for supercapacitors
MnO2/carbon nanotube [CNT] nanocomposites with a CNT core/porous MnO2 sheath hierarchy architecture are synthesized by a simple hydrothermal treatment. X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopyExpand
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Two-Dimensional High-Quality Monolayered Triangular WS2 Flakes for Field-Effect Transistors.
Large-area uniform of single-crystal tungsten disulfide (WS2) is important for advanced optoelectronics based on two-dimensional (2D) atomic crystals. However, difficulties in controlling theExpand
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