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Efficient iris recognition by characterizing key local variations
Unlike other biometrics such as fingerprints and face, the distinct aspect of iris comes from randomly distributed features. This leads to its high reliability for personal identification, and at theExpand
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Personal Identification Based on Iris Texture Analysis
With an increasing emphasis on security, automated personal identification based on biometrics has been receiving extensive attention over the past decade. Iris recognition, as an emerging biometricExpand
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Receptive Field Block Net for Accurate and Fast Object Detection
Current top-performing object detectors depend on deep CNN backbones, such as ResNet-101 and Inception, benefiting from their powerful feature representations but suffering from high computationalExpand
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Ordinal palmprint represention for personal identification [represention read representation]
Palmprint-based personal identification, as a new member in the biometrics family, has become an active research topic in recent years. Although great progress has been made, how to representExpand
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Local intensity variation analysis for iris recognition
As all emerging biometric for human identification, iris recognition has received increasing attention in recent years. This paper makes an attempt to reflect shape information of the iris byExpand
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Font Recognition Based on Global Texture Analysis
We describe a novel texture analysis-based approach toward font recognition. Existing methods are typically based on local typographical features that often require connected components analysis. InExpand
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Iris recognition using circular symmetric filters
  • L. Ma, Y. Wang, T. Tan
  • Computer Science
  • Object recognition supported by user interaction…
  • 10 December 2002
Proposes a method for personal identification based on iris recognition. The method consists of three major components: image preprocessing, feature extraction and classifier design. A bank ofExpand
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Live face detection based on the analysis of Fourier spectra
Biometrics is a rapidly developing technology that is to identify a person based on his or her physiological or behavioral characteristics. To ensure the correction of authentication, the biometricExpand
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Combining Face and Iris Biometrics for Identity Verification
Face and iris identification have been employed in various biometric applications. Besides improving verification performance, the fusion of these two biometrics has several other advantages. We useExpand
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Iris Recognition Based on Multichannel Gabor Filtering
A new approach for personal identification based on iris recognition is presented in this paper. The body of this paper details the steps of iris recognition, including image preprocessing, featureExpand
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