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PubChem: a public information system for analyzing bioactivities of small molecules
PubChem (http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) is a public repository for biological properties of small molecules hosted by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). PubChem BioAssay database currentlyExpand
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PubChem: Integrated Platform of Small Molecules and Biological Activities
Abstract PubChem is an open repository for experimental data identifying the biological activities of small molecules. PubChem contents include more than: 1000 bioassays, 28 million bioassay testExpand
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Nucleation, propagation and cleavage of target RNAs in Ago silencing complexes
The slicer activity of the RNA-induced silencing complex resides within its Argonaute (Ago) component, in which the PIWI domain provides the catalytic residues governing guide-strand mediatedExpand
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Structure of an argonaute silencing complex with a seed-containing guide DNA and target RNA duplex
Here we report on a 3.0 Å crystal structure of a ternary complex of wild-type Thermus thermophilus argonaute bound to a 5′-phosphorylated 21-nucleotide guide DNA and a 20-nucleotide target RNAExpand
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Structure of the guide-strand-containing argonaute silencing complex
The slicer activity of the RNA-induced silencing complex is associated with argonaute, the RNase H-like PIWI domain of which catalyses guide-strand-mediated sequence-specific cleavage of targetExpand
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Topologically-associating domains are stable units of replication-timing regulation
Eukaryotic chromosomes replicate in a temporal order known as the replication-timing program. In mammals, replication timing is cell-type-specific with at least half the genome switching replicationExpand
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Loss of integrin alpha(v)beta6-mediated TGF-beta activation causes Mmp12-dependent emphysema.
Integrins are heterodimeric cell-surface proteins that regulate cell growth, migration and survival. We have shown previously that the epithelial-restricted integrin alpha(v)beta6 has anotherExpand
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Structural and Mechanistic Basis of PAM-Dependent Spacer Acquisition in CRISPR-Cas Systems
Bacteria acquire memory of viral invaders by incorporating invasive DNA sequence elements into the host CRISPR locus, generating a new spacer within the CRISPR array. We report on the structures ofExpand
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PubChem as a public resource for drug discovery.
PubChem is a public repository of small molecules and their biological properties. Currently, it contains more than 25 million unique chemical structures and 90 million bioactivity outcomesExpand
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IL-17A produced by αβ T cells drives airway hyper-responsiveness in mice and enhances mouse and human airway smooth muscle contraction
Emerging evidence suggests that the T helper 17 (TH17) subset of αβ T cells contributes to the development of allergic asthma. In this study, we found that mice lacking the αvβ8 integrin on dendriticExpand
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