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Fiber-optic interferometric refractometer for deep-water monitoring
A method is proposed for organizing deep-water refractometric studies and fiber-optic interference systems for precise monitoring of the absolute refractive index of sea water at depths up to 1000 mExpand
Method of refractometric control of liquids in processing plants
A description of a multichannel compensation-type interference refractometer system intended for precision control of the absolute indicator of refraction of liquids under the conditions ofExpand
Methods for increasing the accuracy of remote measurements with twin-wave laser interferometers
One of the most common interference schemes used for remote measurements is the optical system of the Michelson laser interferometer (LI). A modification of this is shown in the paper. InterferenceExpand
Fiber-optic interference refractor for investigating aqueous media
A circuit of a modified laser fiber-optic interference refractometer is described. Using the modified refractometer it is possible to measure the absolute indices of refraction of water at depthsExpand
Enlarging the scope of measurements with laser interference refractometers
A method using the white light channel is proposed for recording abrupt changes in the order of interference in laser interference gas refractometers.
Liquid modulation refractometers
A two-channel single-reflector laser interference refractometer for liquids is described in the paper. The simple design makes the refractometer easy to adjust and gives it enhanced characteristicsExpand
Actively recording the average shift of the achromatic band in white-light interferometers
Measurement of the refractive index of a substance in a strong turbulent gas flow is described. An adaptive photoelectronic unit is proposed for determining the average position of the achromaticExpand