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HlPT-1, a membrane-bound prenyltransferase responsible for the biosynthesis of bitter acids in hops.
Female flowers of hop develop a large number of glandular trichomes called lupulin glands that contain a variety of prenylated compounds such as α- and β-acid (humulone and lupulone, respectively), as well as xanthohumol, a chalcone derivative, which catalyzed the first transfer of dimethylallyl moiety to phloroglucinol derivatives. Expand
Anti-inflammatory effects of a bioavailable compound, Artepillin C, in Brazilian propolis.
Collectively, Artepillin C showed anti-inflammatory effects mediated, at least in part, by prostaglandin E(2) and nitric oxide inhibition through NF-kappaB modulation, and exhibited bioavailability by oral administration. Expand
Sequential Aldol Condensation Catalyzed by Hyperthermophilic 2-Deoxy-d-Ribose-5-Phosphate Aldolase
To the authors' surprise, the two hyperthermophilic DERAs showed much greater catalysis of sequential aldol condensation using three acetaldehydes as substrates than the E. coli DERA, although both enzymes showed much less 2-deoxy-d-ribose-5-phosphate synthetic activity. Expand
Suppression of tumor-induced angiogenesis by Brazilian propolis: major component artepillin C inhibits in vitro tube formation and endothelial cell proliferation.
It is concluded that artepillin C at least in part is responsible for the antiangiogenic activity of EEBP in vivo and may prove useful in the development of agents and foods with therapeutic or preventive activity against tumor angiogenesis. Expand
Hypoxia accelerates cancer invasion of hepatoma cells by upregulating MMP expression in an HIF-1alpha-independent manner.
In hepatoma cells, evidence is provided that hypoxic stress accelerates cancer invasion by upregulating ETS-1 and the MMP family by an HIF-1alpha-independent pathway. Expand
Tumor cell alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase activity and its involvement in GcMAF-related macrophage activation.
Tumor-derived alpha-NaGalase is different in biochemical characterization compared to normal alpha-N-acetyl galactosaminidase from normal Chang liver cells and decreases the potency of GcMAF on macrophage activation. Expand
Gc protein (vitamin D-binding protein): Gc genotyping and GcMAF precursor activity.
In this review, the structure and function of the Gc protein is focused on especially with regard to Gc genotyping and GcMAF precursor activity. Expand
Efficient radical scavenging ability of artepillin C, a major component of Brazilian propolis, and the mechanism.
Hydrogen transfer from artepillin C to cumylperoxyl radical proceeds via one-step hydrogen atom transfer rather than via electron transfer, the rate constant of which is comparable to that ofExpand
Correlation between antiangiogenic activity and antioxidant activity of various components from propolis.
Propolis components such as artepillin C, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, galangin, kaempferol, and quercetin might represent a new class of dietary-derived antioxidative compounds with antiangiogenic activities that may have the potential to be developed into pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of angiogenesis-dependent human diseases such as tumors. Expand
Design of hypoxia-targeting drugs as new cancer chemotherapeutics.
An overview of recent advances in Hypoxia research is given, including cancer treatments that target tumor hypoxia, and the research involved with the development of other drugs to exploit tumor hyp oxia is discussed. Expand