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Energy Saving in Pilger Mill Electric Drives Complete Solution
This paper considers issues related to increasing energy efficiency in electric drives of pilger rolling mills, presenting kinematics of such mills, provides justification for the general load chart, presents the detailed review of reference materials on technical energy saving solutions, and suggests a math model of an electric drive with a field regulated reluctance machine. Expand
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Asynchronous electric drive with pulse-vector control
The operating principle, estimated characteristics, experimental research, comparison with other types of control, mathematical design principles, functional and structural diagrams of electricExpand
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Fundamental principles of the theory and practice of electric drives with a field-regulated reluctance machine
Special features of electric drives based on a field-regulated reluctance machine (FRRM) supplying high power and regulating characteristics to an electric drive are shown: the feasibility ofExpand
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Electric drive with a field-regulated reluctance machine
Improved power characteristics of an electric drive with a field-regulated reluctance machine are demonstrated. Expand
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Improving the energy efficiency of electric drives of reciprocating rolling mills
Components of power losses in electric drives of reciprocating rolling mills with an extremely irregular load diagram are considered. Energy efficiency is increased in the electric drive ofExpand
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Energy saving in electric drives of pilgering mills
The key ways of energy saving in the electric drives of pilgering mills are considered: improvement of the kinematic chain, the main components of the losses and ways of their reduction in theExpand
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Pulse-vector control with indirect determination of rotor angular position
A system of pulse-vector control with an indirect determination of the angular position of the rotor based on a groundbreaking two-step method for computing the position is considered. The system canExpand
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Multiply connected control systems of electric drives with field regulated reluctance machines
Owing to specific design features of the electric machine, i.e., a full-pitch winding, multiple phases, and freedom in selecting the phase current form, the functions of the excitation and theExpand
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Механическая часть электропривода подъема мостовых кранов отличается сложностью и разно­ образием конструкции, что делает конкретный расчет этой части крана весьма трудоемким и не­ рациональным. В тоExpand