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Cosmological perturbations in a healthy extension of Hořava gravity
In Hořava's theory of gravity, Lorentz symmetry is broken in exchange for renormalizability, but the original theory has been argued to be plagued with problems associated with a new scalar mode
Distillation of Liquid Xenon to Remove Krypton
Holographic inflation and the conservation of ζ
A bstractIn a holographic description of inflation, cosmological time evolution in the bulk is expected to correspond to the renomalization group (RG) flow in a dual boundary theory. Here, we analyze
Gravitational wave forest from string axiverse
Axions predicted in string theory may have a scalar potential which has a much shallower potential region than the conventional cosine potential. We first show that axions which were located at such
Multi-field inflation from holography
We initiate the study of multi-field inflation using holography. Bulk light scalar fields correspond to nearly marginal operators in the boundary theory and the dual quantum field theory is a
Efficient self-resonance instability from axions
It was recently shown that a coherent oscillation of an axion can cause an efficient parametric resonance, leading to a prominent emission of the gravitational waves (GWs). In this paper, conducting
Strong restriction on inflationary vacua from the local gauge invariance III: Infrared regularity of graviton loops
It has been claimed that the super-Hubble modes of the graviton generated during inflation can make loop corrections diverge. Even if we introduce an infrared (IR) cutoff at a comoving scale as an ad
Inflation and deformation of conformal field theory
It has recently been suggested that a strongly coupled phase of inflation may be described holographically in terms of a weakly coupled quantum field theory (QFT). Here, we explore the possibility