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Molecular characterization of second tomato &agr;1,3/4-fucosidase (&agr;-Fuc’ase Sl-2), a member of glycosyl hydrolase family 29 active toward the core &agr;1,3-fucosyl residue in plant N-glycans
In a previous study, we molecular-characterized a tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) α1, 3/4-fucosidase (α-Fuc'ase Sl-1) encoded in a tomato gene (Solyc03g006980), indicating that α-Fuc'ase Sl-1 isExpand
Plant complex type free N-glycans occur in tomato xylem sap
The occurrence of PCT-FNGs in the xylem sap of the stem of the tomato plant is reported and indicates involvement of acidic peptide:N-glycanase during the degradation of dysfunctional glycoproteins. Expand