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Stable sheared A.C pair in DNA hairpins.
High-resolution NMR spectroscopy, distance geometry, and molecular dynamics methods were used to study d(GTACANCGTAC) oligomers and defined the novel sheared nature of the closing A.C base-pair. Expand
Cross-strand purine-pyrimidine stack and sheared purine.pyrimidine pairing in the human HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors.
  • S. Chou, Y. Tseng
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of molecular biology
  • 8 January 1999
The distorted backbone of these inhibitors, resulting from the unique helical twists and kinks in the 5'-AA/GC-3' sequence, may be responsible for the increased affinities of these single-stranded DNA inhibitors as compared with other regular B-form duplex substrates. Expand
Stable formation of a pyrimidine-rich loop hairpin in a cruciform promoter.
No significant loop dynamics in the microsecond to millisecond NMR time-scale was observed, and the abundant well-defined exchangeable and non-exchangeable proton NOEs allowed us to efficiently determine a well-converged family for the final structures of the TCC-loop hairpin. Expand
Structural studies of symmetric DNA undecamers containing non-symmetrical sheared (PuGAPu):(PyGAPy) motifs
High resolution NMR methods are used to study a series of symmetrical DNA duplexes containing two non-symmetrical 5′-(PuGAPu)/(PyGAPy)-3′ motifs to loosen the requirement for a more restricted (PyGapu)2 motif in forming the interstrand purine-purine stacks. Expand
Exchangeable proton information is of critical importance in the NMR structural studies of DNA/RNA oligomers and/or their complexes with protein. However, no systematic NMR assignment strategy aboutExpand
Natural abundance heteronuclear NMR studies of the T3 mini-loop hairpin in the terminal repeat of the adenoassociated virus 2
The d(GAAGC-TTT-GCTTC) sequence exists mostly as a hairpin under millimolar NMR conditions, and may be of biological significance. Expand
NMR study of the solution conformation of actinomycin D.
  • C. Yu, Y. Tseng
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • European journal of biochemistry
  • 1 October 1992
The solution conformation of actinomycin D, the Gram-positive antibiotic and DNA-binding drug, has been determined by 1H-NMR in deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide by finding these structures to be compatible with the X-ray crystal structures. Expand
The paperclip triplex: understanding the role of apex residues in tight turns.
Interestingly, this investigation shows that this 5'-AGAGAG-3' oligo acts as a new kind of triplex forming oligonucleotide, and adds to the growing number of triPlex forming olig onucleotides that may prove useful as therapeutic agents. Expand
Proton NMR study on two structures of 3'-O-(acetylimino)3'-de(phosphinico)-thymidylyl-(3,5')-deoxythymidine in aqueous solution
Abstract The solution structure of one of dithymidine monophosphate (TpT) analogues, containing an (N-acetyl)imino backbone linkage (NCOCH3) ofExpand
Calculating three-dimensional molecular structure of paliurine B from atom-atom distance and restrained energy minimization.
The conformation of paliurine B, a 13-membered cyclopeptide alkaloid isolated from Paliurus ramosissimus, has been determined from 2D NMR and distance geometry, followed by the restrained energyExpand