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Performance study of vegetated sequencing batch coal slag bed treating domestic wastewater in suburban area.
A practical and affordable wastewater treatment system serving small community in suburban areas was studied. The system was a vegetated sequencing batch coal slag bed integrated with the rhythmicalExpand
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Nocardia foaming control in activated sludge process treating domestic wastewater.
In this study, filamentous bacteria (Nocardia amarae) were identified as the major causal microorganism in foaming sludge. The results of growth kinetics study indicated that N. amarae had aExpand
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Treatment of odorous volatile fatty acids using a biotrickling filter.
In this study, a novel fibrous bioreactor was developed for treating odorous compounds present in contaminated air. The first stage of this work was a preliminary study which aimed at investigatingExpand
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Overview of medium heterogeneity and transport processes
Medium heterogeneity can have significant impact on the behavior of solute transport. Tracer breakthrough curves from transport in a heterogeneous medium are distinctly different from that in aExpand
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Experimental validation of theoretical potassium and sodium cation affinities of amides by mass spectrometric kinetic method measurements.
In this study the theoretical Gaussian-2 K(+)/Na(+) binding affinities (enthalpies) at 0 K (in kJ mol(-1)) for six amides in the order: formamide (109.2/138.5) < N-methylformamide (117.7/148.6) <Expand
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Experimental validation of Gaussian-3 lithium cation affinities of amides: implications for the gas-phase lithium cation basicity scale.
Using a refined Gaussian-3 (G3) protocol, the highest level of ab initio calculations reported so far, we have established the Li+ cation binding enthalpy (affinity) at 0 K (in kJ mol-1) forExpand
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