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Quintuply-bonded dichromium(I) complexes featuring metal-metal bond lengths of 1.74 A.
The construction of a metal–metal quintuple bond has long been a challenge for chemists, since a large number of quadruple-bonded dinuclear complexes have been reported and their bonding andExpand
Remarkably short metal-metal bonds: a lantern-type quintuply bonded dichromium(I) complex.
The field of quadruply bonded dinuclear complexes in which two metal atoms are embraced by eight ligands has been considered mature. The bonding and electronic structures of these compounds have beenExpand
The chemistry of univalent metal β-diketiminates
Abstract The easily electronically and sterically tunable β-diketiminates are widely used auxiliary ligands for the creation of a wide range of metal complexes with various oxidation states in allExpand
Journey from Mo-Mo quadruple bonds to quintuple bonds.
Heating K(4)Mo(2)Cl(8) and 2 equiv of Li[RC(NDipp)(2)] (R = H, Ph; Dipp = 2,6-i-Pr(2)C(6)H(3)) in tetrahydrofuran (THF) at 60 degrees C gives two paddlewheel type quadruply bonded dimolybdenumExpand
Inverted-sandwich dichromium(I) complexes supported by two beta-diketiminates: a multielectron reductant and syntheses of chromium dioxo and imido.
Treatment of [Cr(μ-Cl)(Nacnac)]2 (Nacnac = HC(C(Me)NC6H3-i-Pr2)2) with 2.5 equiv of KC8 in toluene allows the isolation of an inverted-sandwich toluene-bridged complex, (μ-η6:η6-C7H8)[Cr(Nacnac)]2Expand
A Cyclometalated Resting State for a Reactive Molybdenum Amide: Favorable Consequences of β-Hydrogen Elimination Including Reductive Cleavage, Coupling, and Complexation
Dimethylamide ligation of molybdenum(III) supports Mo{triple{underscore}bond}Mo triple bond formation, and N-tert-butylanilide ligation engenders reactive yet isolable monomeric three-coordinationExpand
On the origin of selective nitrous oxide N-N bond cleavage by three-coordinate molybdenum(III) complexes.
Reaction of Mo(N[R]Ar)(3) (R = (t)Bu or C(CD(3))(2)CH(3)) with N(2)O gives rise exclusively to a 1:1 mixture of nitride NMo(N[R]Ar)(3) and nitrosyl ONMo(N[R]Ar)(3), rather than the known oxo complexExpand
Bond characterization on a Cr-Cr quintuple bond: a combined experimental and theoretical study.
A combined experimental and theoretical charge density study on a quintuply bonded dichromium complex, Cr(2)(dipp)(2) (dipp = (Ar)NC(H)N(Ar) and Ar = 2,6-i-Pr(2)-C(6)H(3)), is performed. Two dippExpand
Structural transformations in dinuclear zinc complexes involving Zn-Zn bonds.
Reduction of Zn(2)(mu-eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))(2) with 4 equiv. of KC(8) resulted in a dramatic structural transformation into [(eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))ZnZn(eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))](2-)Expand
Synthesis and reactions of beta-diketiminato divanadium(I) inverted-sandwich complexes.
Reduction of VCl(2)(Nacnac) (Nacnac = HC(C(Me)NC(6)H(3)-iPr(2))(2)) with KC(8) in toluene leads to the formation of a toluene-bridged inverted-sandwich divanadium(I) complex,Expand