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Magnetic control of ferroelectric polarization
The discovery of ferroelectricity in a perovskite manganite, TbMnO3, where the effect of spin frustration causes sinusoidal antiferromagnetic ordering and gigantic magnetoelectric and magnetocapacitance effects are found. Expand
Topological properties and dynamics of magnetic skyrmions.
From this description, potential applications of skyrmions as information carriers in magnetic information storage and processing devices are envisaged. Expand
Metal-insulator transitions
Metal-insulator transitions are accompanied by huge resistivity changes, even over tens of orders of magnitude, and are widely observed in condensed-matter systems. This article presents theExpand
Near room-temperature formation of a skyrmion crystal in thin-films of the helimagnet FeGe.
The formation of SkX close to room temperature in thin-films of the helimagnet FeGe with magnetic chirality inversion of the SkX across lattice twin boundaries will pave a new path to designing quantum-effect devices based on the controllable skyrmion dynamics. Expand
Real-space observation of a two-dimensional skyrmion crystal
Real-space imaging of a two-dimensional skyrmion lattice in a thin film of Fe0.5Co 0.5Si using Lorentz transmission electron microscopy reveals a controlled nanometre-scale spin topology, which may be useful in observing unconventional magneto-transport effects. Expand
Observation of Skyrmions in a Multiferroic Material
It is found that the skyrmion can magnetically induce electric polarization in an insulating chiral-lattice magnet Cu2OSeO3 through Lorentz transmission electron microscopy and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Expand
Colossal Magnetoresistive Oxides
1. Fundamental Features of CMR Manganites 2. Spin Dynamics and Electronic Structures 3. Materials Systematics and Lattice Effects 4. Tunnelling Magnetoresistance.
Ferroelectricity and giant magnetocapacitance in perovskite rare-earth manganites.
The relationships among magnetism, lattice modulation, and dielectric properties have been investigated for RMnO3 and it was found that the IC-C transition is accompanied by a ferroelectric transition, associated with a lattices modulation in the C phase. Expand
Giant magnetoresistance of manganese oxides with a layered perovskite structure
MANGANESE oxides with the cubic perovskite structure (typified by LaMnO3) have stimulated considerable interest because of their magnetoresistive properties1–9; they exhibit extremely large changesExpand
Emergent phenomena at oxide interfaces.
Recent technical advances in the atomic-scale synthesis of oxide heterostructures have provided a fertile new ground for creating novel states at their interfaces, with characteristic feature is the reconstruction of the charge, spin and orbital states at interfaces on the nanometre scale. Expand