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Determinants of Job Satisfaction of Federal Government Employees
What determines the job satisfaction of federal government employees? Using data reported in the Survey of Federal Government Employees, I propose and assess the argument that the job satisfaction ofExpand
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Work-Family Balance and Job Satisfaction: The Impact of Family-Friendly Policies on Attitudes of Federal Government Employees.
We use the 1991 Survey of Federal Government Employees to test a theoretical framework regarding the relationships between work and family demands, family-friendly policies, satisfaction withExpand
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Analysis of Job Satisfaction of the Federal White-Collar Work Force: Findings from the Survey of Federal Employees
The purpose of this study is to extend previous work on job satisfaction to identify major job and organizational factors as well as individual characteristics that affect employee job satisfaction,Expand
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Hemiarthroplasty vs primary total hip arthroplasty for displaced fractures of the femoral neck in the elderly: a meta-analysis.
Current updated meta-analysis was designed to compare clinical effects of hemiarthroplasty (HA) vs primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) for displaced femoral neck fractures in elderly patients. FiveExpand
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Optimization of Transformation System of Fusarium graminearum
Fusarium graminearum is one of the main pathogens of wheat head blight and maize stalk rot In this paper,we optimized the transformation method using protoplasts mediated by polyethyleneExpand
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Aspirin inhibit platelet-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of circulating tumor cells (Review)
Metastasis, a cascade of events beginning with epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT), is the main cause of cancer-related mortality. EMT endows circulating cancer cells (CTCs) with invasive andExpand
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Internet usage of local government employees: A study of the effect of individual preferences, group influences, and administrative factors
Abstract Using data from a survey, this study investigates how local government employees use the Internet to carry out their day-by-day work. Our survey reports that most employees use the InternetExpand
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Crop positioning for robotic intra-row weeding based on machine vision
A machine-vision-based method of locating crops is described in this research. This method was used to provide real-time positional information of crop plants for a mechanical intra-row weedingExpand
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Control of lysogeny and immunity of Bacillus subtilis temperate bacteriophage SP beta by its d gene.
The d gene from the Bacillus subtilis temperate bacteriophage SP beta was isolated. When introduced into an SP beta-sensitive strain of B. subtilis, the cloned d gene directed the synthesis of aExpand
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The Impact of Advance Notice of Plant Closings on Earnings and the Probability of Unemployment
The authors analyze data from the 1988 CPS Displaced Workers Survey to assess the effects of written advance notice of plant closings on post-displacement employment and earnings. The results suggestExpand
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