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Divergent Signals and Cytoskeletal Assemblies Regulate Self-Organizing Polarity in Neutrophils
Like neutrophilic leukocytes, differentiated HL-60 cells respond to chemoattractant by adopting a polarized morphology, with F-actin in a protruding pseudopod at the leading edge and contractileExpand
A G-protein-coupled receptor for leukotriene B4 that mediates chemotaxis
The cloning of the complementary DNA encoding a cell-surface LTB4 receptor that is highly expressed in human leukocytes is reported, showing that L TB4 is a unique lipid mediator that interacts with both cell- surface and nuclear receptors. Expand
Inhibitory Regulation of Rac Activation, Membrane Ruffling, and Cell Migration by the G Protein-Coupled Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor EDG5 but Not EDG1 or EDG3
The present results demonstrate that EDG5 is the first example of a hitherto-unrecognized type of receptors that negatively regulate Rac activity, thereby inhibiting cell migration and membrane ruffling. Expand
The human preproendothelin-1 gene. Complete nucleotide sequence and regulation of expression.
The whole length of the human preproendothelin-1 gene and the corresponding cDNA and the complete nucleotide sequences are cloned and suggest that the regulation of expression of PPET-1 mRNA may be mediated in part by these sequence elements. Expand
Inhibitory and Stimulatory Regulation of Rac and Cell Motility by the G12/13-Rho and Gi Pathways Integrated Downstream of a Single G Protein-Coupled Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor Isoform
Results indicate that integration of counteracting signals from the Gi- and the G12/13-Rho pathways directs either positive or negative regulation of Rac, and thus cell migration, upon activation of a single S1P receptor isoform. Expand
Ca2+-Dependent Activation of Rho and Rho Kinase in Membrane Depolarization–Induced and Receptor Stimulation–Induced Vascular Smooth Muscle Contraction
A novel Ca2+-dependent mechanism for activating RhoA in rabbit aortic VSM is demonstrated, indicating the existence of the thus-far unrecognized Ca2-dependent Rho stimulation mechanism in VSM. Expand
Rho kinase inhibitor HA-1077 prevents Rho-mediated myosin phosphatase inhibition in smooth muscle cells.
Direct in vivo evidence that Rho kinase mediates inhibition of myosin phosphatase activity with resultant enhancement of MLC(20) phosphorylation in smooth muscle is provided and the usefulness of HA-1077 is revealed as a Rho Kinase inhibitor. Expand
Molecular Cloning and Functional Analysis of a Novel P2 Nucleotide Receptor (*)
The results indicate that the novel metabotropic P2 receptors has pharmacological characteristics distinct from any of P2 receptor subtypes thus far identified and suggest the existence of a novel regulatory system by extracellular nucleotides of potential significance. Expand
The Edg family G protein-coupled receptors for lysophospholipids: their signaling properties and biological activities.
The Edg lysophospholipid signaling system may play a role in modulating cell motility under such pathological conditions as inflammation, tumor cell dissemination and vascular remodeling. Expand
Endothelial PI3K-C2α, a class II PI3K, has an essential role in angiogenesis and vascular barrier function
Endothelial PI3K-C2α deficiency in vivo suppressed postischemic and tumor angiogenesis and diminished vascular barrier function with a greatly augmented susceptibility to anaphylaxis and a higher incidence of dissecting aortic aneurysm formation in response to angiotensin II infusion. Expand