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RF systems for the KEK B-Factory
This paper describes the design features and operational status of the RF systems for the KEK B-Factory (KEKB). Two types of new RF cavities have been developed to store very high-intensity beamsExpand
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Anomalous diffusion of dopant in Si substrate during oxynitride process
Unexpectedly enormously enhanced diffusions of B and P in Si substrate during gate oxynitride process have been clarified for the first time. The apparent diffusion enhancement is observed in theExpand
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A novel high-density 5F/sup 2/ NAND STI cell technology suitable for 256 Mbit and 1 Gbit flash memories
This paper describes a novel high density 5F/sup 2/ (F: feature size) NAND STI cell technology which has been developed for a low bit-cost flash memories. The extremely small cell size of 0.31 /splExpand
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Highly-sensitive InGaAs-2DEG Hall device made of pseudomorphic In0.52A10.48As/In0.8Ga0.2As heterostructure
Abstract A monolithically integrated and highly sensitive InGaAs-2DEG Hall device with a very low temperature coefficient has been fabricated by a pseudomorphic In 05.2 Al 0.48 As/In 0.8 Ga 0.2 AsExpand
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Design and Development of a Small Gamma Camera Using Coded Apertures and Gamma-ray Semiconductor Detectors
Coded aperture imaging is one of emission CT techniques. It uses a gamma camera equipped with a coded aperture in place of a ordinary parallel collimator, and reconstructs three dimensionalExpand
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Chirped excitation for <-100 dB time sidelobe echo sounding
  • Y. Takeuchi
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  • IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium. Proceedings. An…
  • 7 November 1995
A doubly apodized linear chirp signal having a <-100 dB autocorrelation sidelobe is introduced. It has an extra gaussian apodization over the well known cosine-square apodized linear chirp. It allowsExpand
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Corner-rounded shallow trench isolation technology to reduce the stress-induced tunnel oxide leakage current for highly reliable flash memories
This paper describes the key technology to realize highly reliable flash memory cells, which have submicron Shallow Trench Isolation (STI). It has been clarified for the first time that theExpand
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New design techniques for SAW filters using slanted-finger IDTs
The authors describe two design techniques for slanted-finger interdigital transducers (IDTs) which could not be designed using conventional techniques. One technique provides a large stopbandExpand
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Durable glass ceramic ferrule for general telecommunication use
Glass ceramic ferrules composed of SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 -Li 2 O-MgO-TiO 2 -ZrO 2 -K 2 O-ZnO-BaO have been fabricated by a preform drawing process. These ferrules show good durability in hot and humidExpand
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Ultrasound 3-dimensional image processing using power Doppler image
A new ultrasound three dimensional (3D) reconstruction method is presented. It can show blood flow geometry (one promising application of 3D techniques). For this purpose, the authors adopt powerExpand
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