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Traditional medicine in Turkey. V. Folk medicine in the inner Taurus Mountains.
Folk medicine in the inner region of the Taurus Mountains in south Anatolia has been studied; 256 remedies prepared from 124 plant and 3 animal species are listed. Data include vernacular names, theExpand
Screening for Tyrosinase Inhibitors among Extracts of Seashore Plants and Identification of Potent Inhibitors from Garcinia subelliptica
The tyrosinase inhibitory activity of methanol extracts of the leaves of 39 plant species growing on the seashore of Iriomote island (Okinawa, Japan) was investigated and two biflavonoids were found. Expand
Traditional medicine in Turkey X. Folk medicine in Central Anatolia.
Traditional medicine used in Central Anatolia; Ankara, Kayseri, Niğde and south-eastern parts of Karaman and Konya provinces have been studied. Two hundred and ninety one folk remedies obtained fromExpand
Traditional medicine in Turkey. VI. Folk medicine in west Anatolia: Afyon, Kütahya, Denizli, Muğla, Aydin provinces.
Two hundred and one folk remedies of West Anatolia derived from 91 plant species in 40 families and 2 animal species are presented, each with vernacular names, method of preparation of drugs andExpand
Traditional medicine in Turkey IX: folk medicine in north-west Anatolia.
Folk medicine in northwest Anatolia has been studied and 116 remedies prepared from 67 plant and 8 animal species are described, each with vernacular names, methods of preparation and traditionalExpand
Traditional medicine in Turkey VIII. Folk medicine in east anatolia; Erzurum, Erzíncan, Ağri, Kars, Iğdir provinces
Traditional drugs used in the east Anatolia including Erzurum, Erzincan, Ağri, Kars, Iğdir, and Ardahan provinces have been surveyed and 169 remedies obtained with their vernacular names, parts used, methods of preparing drugs, and traditional usages are listed. Expand
Cowpea weevil bioassay: A simple prescreen for plants with grain protectant effects
A simple bioassay technique was developed and employed to assess plants for their ability to protect cowpea from damage by weevil during storage and Sphenoclea zeylanica G earth showed the best protectant effects after 4 months. Expand
Folk medicine in Uzbekistan. I. Toshkent, Djizzax, and Samarqand provinces.
This expedition was carried out in the northeast and east higher lands, where flora is richer, and 177 folk remedies were recorded in the surveyed area. Expand
Chemical studies on antioxidant mechanism of curcuminoid: analysis of radical reaction products from curcumin.
Results indicate that the dimer of curcumin is a radical-terminated product in the initial stage of the reaction, and its relation toCurcumin's antioxidant activity discussed. Expand
Traditional medicine in Turkey VII. Folk medicine in middle and west Black Sea regions
Traditional medicine in the middle and west Black Sea regions: Amasya, Bilecik, Bolu, Çankin, Samsun, Sinop and Tokat provinces has been studied and 194 remedies obtained from 96 plant and 5 animalExpand