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Artin-Schreier coverings of algebraic surfaces
Yoshifumi, Takeda. Artin-Schreier coverings of algebraic surface. Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan. 1989. 41(3), p.415-435.
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Fibrations with moving cuspidal singularities
Let f: V → C be a fibration from a smooth projective surface onto a smooth projective curve over an algebraically closed field k . In the case of characteristic zero, almost all fibres of f areExpand
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Reactivity of perovskite, Y1−xAxMnO3 (A=Ca or Sr), with yttria-stabilized zirconia
On etudie la reactivite du systeme Y 1-x A x MnO 3 (A = Ca ou Sr) avec la zircone stabilisee par Y 2 O 3 en vue d'une utilisation comme electrode dans une pile combustible.
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Changes in Measures against Infectious Diseases in Japan and Proposals for the Future
The new Infectious Diseases Control Law was implemented in April 1999 to thoroughly revamp measures against infectious diseases in Japan. The enactment of this law represents the final stage ofExpand
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Gd1 − x A x Mn1 − y Co y O 3 − δ ( A = Sr , Ca ) as a Cathode for Solid‐Oxide Fuel Cells
The Gd 1-x A x Mn 1-y Co y O 3-δ (A = Sr, Ca) systems were examined as a cathode for use in solid oxide fuel cells. The electrical conductivity and cathodic polarization on an 8 mol %Expand
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