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Evidence for a correlated insulator to antiferromagnetic metal transition in CrN.
We investigate the electronic structure of chromium nitride (CrN) across the first-order magnetostructural transition at T(N)∼286  K. Resonant photoemission spectroscopy (PES) shows a gap in the 3dExpand
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Revisiting the valence-band and core-level photoemission spectra of NiO.
We have reexamined the valence-band (VB) and core-level electronic structure of NiO by means of hard and soft x-ray photoemission spectroscopies. The spectral weight of the lowest energy state wasExpand
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Temperature Dependence of Magnetically Active Charge Excitations in Magnetite across the Verwey Transition.
We study the electronic structure of bulk single crystals and epitaxial films of Fe_{3}O_{4}. Fe 2p core level spectra show clear differences between hard x-ray (HAX) and soft x-ray photoemissionExpand
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Existence of orbital order and its fluctuation in superconducting Ba(Fe(1-x)Co(x))2As2 single crystals revealed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy.
We performed temperature dependent x-ray linear dichroism (XLD) experiments on an iron pnictide system, Ba(Fe(1-x)Co(x))2As2 with x=0.00, 0.05, 0.08, and 0.10 to experimentally verify the existenceExpand
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Spectroscopic evidence for competing reconstructions in polar multilayers LaAlO3/LaVO3/LaAlO3.
We have studied the valence redistribution of V in LaAlO(3)/LaVO(3)/LaAlO(3) trilayers, which are composed of only polar layers grown on SrTiO3 (001) substrates, by core-level photoemissionExpand
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Strong valence fluctuation in the quantum critical heavy fermion superconductor β-YbAlB4: a hard x-ray photoemission study.
Electronic structures of the quantum critical superconductor β-YbAlB4 and its polymorph α-YbAlB4 are investigated by using bulk-sensitive hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy. From the Yb 3d coreExpand
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Photoemission evidence for a Mott-Hubbard metal-insulator transition inVO2
The temperature (T) dependent metal-insulator transition (MIT) in VO2 is investigated using bulk sensitive hard x-ray (� 8 keV) valence band, core level, and V 2p-3d resonant photoemissionExpand
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Recoil effect of photoelectrons in the Fermi edge of simple metals.
High energy resolution photoelectron spectroscopy of conduction electrons in the vicinity of the Fermi edge in Al and Au at excitation energies of 880 and 7940 eV was carried out using synchrotronExpand
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Correlation of the Thermal Conductivity of Normal and Parahydrogen from the Triple Point to 1000 K and up to 100 MPaa)
This paper contains new, representative equations for the thermal conductivity of normal and parahydrogen. The equations are based in part upon a body of experimental data that has been criticallyExpand
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Bulk screening in core-level photoemission from Mott-Hubbard and charge-transfer systems
We report bulk-sensitive hard x-ray shn = 5.95 keVd core-level photoemission spectroscopy sPESd of single crystal V1.98Cr0.02O3 and the high-Tc cuprate Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d sBi2212d .V 1.98Cr0.02O3Expand
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