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Ultimately thin double-gate SOI MOSFETs
The operation of 1-3 nm thick SOI MOSFETs, in double-gate (DG) mode and single-gate (SG) mode (for either front or back channel), is systematically analyzed. Strong interface coupling and thresholdExpand
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A multiple-valued logic and memory with combined single-electron and metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors
Devices that combine single-electron and metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) transistors are newly proposed as basic components of multiple-valued (MV) logic, such as a universal literal gate and aExpand
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Si-based ultrasmall multiswitching single-electron transistor operating at room-temperature
An ultrasmall single-electron transistor has been made by scaling the size of a fin field-effect transistor structure down to an ultimate limiting form, resulting in the reliable formation of a sub-5Expand
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Error mechanisms and rates in tunable-barrier single-electron turnstiles and charge-coupled devices
Si-based single-electron tunneling (SET) devices have of late become an important alternative to the metal-based ones, both for ultralarge scale integration (ULSI) electronics and for electricalExpand
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Silicon single-electron devices
Single-electron devices (SEDs) are attracting a lot of attention because of their capability of manipulating just one electron. For their operation, they utilize the Coulomb blockade (CB), whichExpand
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Manipulation and detection of single electrons for future information processing
The ultimate goal of future information processing might be the realization of a circuit in which one bit is represented by a single electron. Such a challenging circuit would comprise elementalExpand
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Binary adders of multigate single-electron transistors: specific design using pass-transistor logic
We describe how to construct area-efficient adders using single-electron transistors (SETs). The design is based on pass-transistor logic and multigate SETs are used as pass transistors. The proposedExpand
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Why the long-term charge offset drift in Si single-electron tunneling transistors is much smaller (better) than in metal-based ones: Two-level fluctuator stability
A common observation in metal-based (specifically, those with AlOx tunnel junctions) single-electron tunneling (SET) devices is a time-dependent instability known as the long-term charge offsetExpand
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Multilevel memory using single-electron turnstile
A multilevel single-electron memory has been successfully demonstrated. Two fine gates with phase-shifted pulse voltages modulate potential barriers in a one-dimensional Si channel to transferExpand
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A single-electron-transistor logic gate family and its application - Part II: design and simulation of a 7-3 parallel counter with linear summation and multiple-valued latch functions
Guidelines for designing multi-input multi-output counters, based on a single-electron transistor (SET) logic gate family, are presented. Expand
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