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Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Nitroaromatics by Supported Gold Catalysts: Mechanistic Reasons of Size- and Support-Dependent Activity and Selectivity
Supported Au nanoparticles (NPs) prepared by colloid deposition method were well characterized, and their catalytic performance was tested for chemoselective reduction of a nitro group of substitutedExpand
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C-3 alkylation of oxindole with alcohols by Pt/CeO2 catalyst in additive-free conditions
In a series of transition metal-loaded CeO2 catalysts and Pt-loaded catalysts on various supports, Pt-loaded CeO2 shows the highest activity for the selective C-3 alkylation of oxindole with octanol.Expand
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Mechanism of Low-Temperature CO Oxidation on Pt/Fe-Containing Alumina Catalysts Pretreated with Water
In a previous article (Catal. Commun. 2012, 17, 194), we reported that Pt/Fe-containing alumina catalysts pretreated with water could catalyze CO oxidation even below room temperature. To clarify theExpand
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Structures and CO oxidation activities of size-selected Au nanoparticles in mesoporous titania-coated silica aerogels
Abstract We have prepared Au/Titania-coated silica aerogel catalysts from Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) having well-regulated sizes in the range 1.4–6.4 nm, through heat-treatment of thiol-capped AuNPs,Expand
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Depletion of CO oxidation activity of supported Au catalysts prepared from thiol-capped Au nanoparticles by sulfates formed at Au–titania boundaries: Effects of heat treatment conditions on catalytic
Abstract We have investigated the effects of heat treatment in air and H 2 /Ar on Au/titania-coated silica aerogel catalysts prepared through adsorption of thiol-capped Au nanoparticles (AuNPs).Expand
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Pt/Fe-containing alumina catalysts prepared and treated with water under moderate conditions exhibit low-temperature CO oxidation activity
Abstract Pt/Fe-containing alumina catalysts were prepared and treated with water under moderate conditions. From transmission electron microscopy and Pt LIII extended X-ray absorption fine structureExpand
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Excimer formation of pyrene as a probe to investigate the recombination of geminate pairs : ODESR and fluorescence study of dilute pyrene in squalane
Abstract It is shown that the monomer fluorescence and the excimer fluorescence from a dilute pyrene solution in squalane at room temperature are mainly from “delayed” geminate pairs (Py−, S+) andExpand
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Synthesis of Zinc Sulfide Nanocrystals and Fabrication of Nanocrystal Superlattice
We report synthesis of zinc sulfide nanocrystals (NCs) via formation of polymetallic thiolate cages. Nearly monodisperse ZnS NCs with size ranging from 2.2 to 7 nm were obtained by thermolysis ofExpand
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Selective hydrogenation of nitrocyclohexane to cyclohexanone oxime by alumina-supported gold cluster catalysts
Abstract Metal oxides (Al2O3, SiO2, MgO)-supported Au cluster catalysts prepared by colloid deposition method and well established Au/TiO2 prepared by deposition–precipitation method were tested forExpand
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Size- and support-dependent selective amine cross-coupling with platinum nanocluster catalysts
γ-Alumina-supported Pt nanoclusters with an average particle size of 0.8 nm, Pt/Al2O3-0.8, act as an effective heterogeneous catalyst for mono-N-alkylation of amines with different amines. ToExpand
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