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Ultra-high-b-value diffusion-weighted MR imaging for the detection of prostate cancer: evaluation in 201 cases with histopathological correlation
PurposeTo assess the diagnostic performance of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging (DWI) for prostate cancer detection, using different b-values.MethodsA total of 201 patients whoExpand
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Role of nitric oxide-cGMP pathway in adrenomedullin-induced vasodilation in the rat.
We previously reported that adrenomedullin (AM), a potent vasodilator peptide discovered in pheochromocytoma cells, stimulates nitric oxide (NO) release in the rat kidney. To further investigateExpand
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Cadmium metabolism and toxicity in rats after long-term subcutaneous administration.
  • Y. Suzuki
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of toxicology and environmental health
  • 1 May 1980
Male Sprague-Dawley rats were given sc injections of Cd at 0.5 mg/kg body weight, 6 d/wk, for 22 wk. Concentrations in the liver, kidney, spleen, heart, testis, and blood were determined every weekExpand
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D1 Receptor Activation in the Mushroom Bodies Rescues Sleep-Loss-Induced Learning Impairments in Drosophila
BACKGROUND Extended wakefulness disrupts acquisition of short-term memories in mammals. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms triggered by extended waking and restored by sleep are unknown.Expand
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The Perilipin Homologue, Lipid Storage Droplet 2, Regulates Sleep Homeostasis and Prevents Learning Impairments Following Sleep Loss
Starvation, which is common in the wild, appears to initiate a genetic program that allows fruitflies to remain awake without the sleepiness and cognitive impairments that typically follow sleepExpand
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Proteinaceous toxins from three species of scorpaeniform fish (lionfish Pterois lunulata, devil stinger Inimicus japonicus and waspfish Hypodytes rubripinnis): close similarity in properties and
The crude toxins from three species of venomous fish (lionfish Pterois lunulata, devil stinger Inimicus japonicus and waspfish Hypodytes rubripinnis) belonging to the order Scorpaeniformes exhibitedExpand
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Mechanisms of adrenomedullin-induced vasodilation in the rat kidney.
To explore the mechanisms of adrenomedullin-induced vasorelaxation, we tested the effects of adrenomedullin on renal function in rats in vivo and measured the release of endothelium-derived nitricExpand
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Notch Signaling Modulates Sleep Homeostasis and Learning after Sleep Deprivation in Drosophila
The role of the transmembrane receptor Notch in the adult brain is poorly understood. Here, we provide evidence that bunched, a negative regulator of Notch, is involved in sleep homeostasis. GeneticExpand
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Effects of vasodilatory beta-adrenoceptor antagonists on endothelium-derived nitric oxide release in rat kidney.
The mechanisms for the vascular actions of vasodilatory beta-blockers remain undetermined. For some kinds of beta-blockers, the involvement of nitric oxide (NO) has been suggested. We studied theExpand
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Sleep deprivation during early-adult development results in long-lasting learning deficits in adult Drosophila.
STUDY OBJECTIVES Multiple lines of evidence indicate that sleep is important for the developing brain, although little is known about which cellular and molecular pathways are affected. Thus, the aimExpand
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