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Liver X receptor activation attenuates inflammatory response and protects cholinergic neurons in APP/PS1 transgenic mice
The results suggest that LXR agonists suppress the production of pro-inflammatory molecules, at least in part, by modulating NF-κB-signaling pathway. Expand
Rydberg-blockade controlled-not gate and entanglement in a two-dimensional array of neutral-atom qubits
We present experimental results on two-qubit Rydberg blockade quantum gates and entanglement in a two-dimensional qubit array. Without post selection against atom loss we achieve a Bell stateExpand
Multimodal MRI characterization of experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage
Mild SAH exhibited transient and mild hemodynamic disturbances and diffusion changes, but did not show apparent ischemic brain injury nor functional deficits. Expand
Comparative study of transport and magnetic Jc in the polycrystalline iron-based superconductor NdFeAsO{0.88}F{0.12}
Polycrystalline NdFeAsO0.88F0.12 superconductors prepared by high pressure (HP) and ambient pressure (AP) method were comparatively studied by magnetization and transport measurements. Upper criticalExpand
Influence of magnetism on the superconducting properties of iron-based superconductor NdFeAsO0.88F0.12
Both DC and AC magnetization measurements were performed on the NdFeAsO0.88F0.12 superconductor to investigate the influence of magnetism on the superconducting properties of this system. TheExpand