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The regenerative effect of platelet-rich plasma on healing in large osteochondral defects
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a platelet concentrate made of autogenous blood, has been used to improve bone and soft tissue defect healing in recent years. The aim of this study was to assess theExpand
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Horizontal and elevational phylogeographic patterns of Himalayan and Southeast Asian forest passerines (Aves: Passeriformes)
Aim  Zoogeographic patterns in the Himalayas and their neighbouring Southeast Asian mountain ranges include elevational parapatry and ecological segregation, particularly among passerine birdExpand
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Computer-aided custom-made hemipelvic prosthesis used in extensive pelvic lesions.
We review here our experience in the computer-aided design and manufacture and implantation of custom-made hemipelvic prostheses in 10 patients who underwent internal hemipelvectomy for extensiveExpand
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The radiation of the Seicercus burkii complex and its congeners (Aves: Sylviidae): molecular genetics and bioacoustics $
Cryptic species of passerine birds lack notable morphological differentiation and can best be identified by molecular and bioacoustic markers. Here we investigate seven cryptic species of theExpand
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Phylogeny of long-tailed tits and allies inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear markers (Aves: Passeriformes, Aegithalidae).
In this paper we provide a molecular phylogeny based on three mitochondrial and three nuclear markers for all long-tailed tit species of the genus Aegithalos including several doubtful subspecies (17Expand
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Acoustic differentiation reflects mitochondrial lineages in Blyth's leaf warbler and white-tailed leaf warbler complexes (Aves: Phylloscopus reguloides, Phylloscopus davisoni)
The present study evaluated the degree of differentiation between closely-related species of Blyth's leaf warbler complex (Phylloscopus reguloides s.l.) and white-tailed leaf warbler complexExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of treecreepers ( Certhia ) detects hidden diversity
We sequenced a part of the mitochondrial cytochrome-b gene from the seven treecreeper species, including 18 subspecies, to reconstruct the phylogeny of the genus Certhia. Species status of all sevenExpand
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Certhia tianquanensis Li, a treecreeper with relict distribution in Sichuan, China
Certhia tianquanensis Li, 1995, is characterised as a distinct species and is combined withC. discolor in the superspeciesC. [discolor]. This probably relict species occupies an extremely smallExpand
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Problem-solving males become more attractive to female budgerigars
Who's a clever boy then? There is considerable value in choosing a smart mate. The suggestion that mate choice has thus shaped the evolution of cognition has been around since Darwin's time, butExpand
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Evolutionary history of passerine birds (Aves: Passeriformes) from the Qinghai–Tibetan plateau: from a pre-Quarternary perspective to an integrative biodiversity assessment
As one of the most prominent topographical features on Earth, the Qinghai–Tibetan plateau (QTP) underwent a long and complex history of the QTP uplift from the collision of the Indian and theExpand
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