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Mesenchymal stem cells: a potential targeted-delivery vehicle for anti-cancer drug, loaded nanoparticles.
UNLABELLED The targeted delivery of anticancer agents is a promising field in anticancer therapy. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have inherent tumor-tropic and migratory properties, which allow themExpand
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Nanotechnology applied to overcome tumor drug resistance.
Emerging multidrug resistance (MDR) to chemotherapy is a major obstacle in successfully treating malignant diseases. Nanotechnology provides an innovative and promising alternative strategy comparedExpand
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A modified whale optimization algorithm for large-scale global optimization problems
Abstract As a new and competitive population-based optimization algorithm, the Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA) outperforms some other biological-inspired algorithms from the perspective ofExpand
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An Improved Routing Algorithm Based on Ant Colony Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
How to make efficient data routing in energy constrained wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is one of the key points. In order to find the optimal path of data transmission in the WSNs, a new routingExpand
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Therapeutic Targets for Cerebral Ischemia Based on the Signaling Pathways of the GluN2B C Terminus.
Overactivation of the N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) after cerebral ischemia is a crucial reason for neuron death. Although NMDAR antagonists have exhibited neuroprotective effects in animalExpand
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UV-initiated synthesis of a novel chitosan-based flocculant with high flocculation efficiency for algal removal.
In this study, maleyl chitosan-graft-polyacrylamide (MHCS-g-PAM), a novel chitosan-based flocculant, was prepared through UV irradiation, and maleyl chitosan (MHCS) was designed and prepared withExpand
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The Functional and Molecular Properties, Physiological Functions, and Pathophysiological Roles of GluN2A in the Central Nervous System
The NMDA receptor, which is heavily involved in several human brain diseases, is a heteromeric ligand-gated ion channel that interacts with multiple intracellular proteins through the C-termini ofExpand
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The Role of GluN2A in Cerebral Ischemia: Promoting Neuron Death and Survival in the Early Stage and Thereafter
Over-activation of NMDA receptors is a crucial step required for brain damage following a stroke. Although clinical trials for NMDA receptor blockers have failed, the role of GluN2A subunit inExpand
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Using ultrasonic (US)-initiated template copolymerization for preparation of an enhanced cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) and its application in sludge dewatering.
In this study, the ultrasonic (US)-initiated template copolymerization was employed to synthesize a novel cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) characterized by a microblock structure usingExpand
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Evaluation of Dewatering Performance and Fractal Characteristics of Alum Sludge
The dewatering performance and fractal characteristics of alum sludge from a drinking-water treatment plant were investigated in this study. Variations in residual turbidity of supernatant, dry solidExpand
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