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Study of proper circulant weighing matrices with weight 9
We provide the first theoretical proof of the spectrum of orders n for which circulant weighing matrices with weight 9 exist. This spectrum consists of those positive integers n, which are multiplesExpand
New circulant weighing matrices of prime order in CW(31,16), CW(71,25), CW(127,64)
Abstract Adapting the P. Eades conjecture about the existence of a multiplier for every (v,k,μ)-design to the more specific circulant weighing matrices in CW(p,s2) for a prime number p, we are ableExpand
The Classification of Circulant Weighing Matrices of Weight 16 and Odd Order
In this paper we completely classify the circulant weighing matrices of weight 16 and odd order. It turns out that the order must be an odd multiple of either 21 or 31. Up to equivalence, there areExpand