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Noiselike pulses with a broadband spectrum generated from an erbium-doped fiber laser.
An erbium-doped fiber laser that produces a train of intense noiselike pulses with a broadband spectrum and a short coherence length is reported. The noiselike behavior was observed in the amplitudeExpand
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Discrete Spatial Optical Solitons in Waveguide Arrays
We report the observation of discrete spatial optical solitons in an array of 41 waveguides. Lightwas coupled to the central waveguide. At low power, the propagating field spreads as it couples tomoreExpand
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Collapse of optical pulses.
Under the combined effect of diffraction, anomalous dispersion, and nonlinear refraction, an optical pulse can collapse simultaneously in time and space. Such a collapse could yield short pulses withExpand
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Nonlinear scanning laser microscopy by third harmonic generation
Third harmonic generation near the focal point of a tightly focused beam is used to probe microscopical structures of transparent samples. It is shown that this method can resolve interfaces andExpand
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Discrete Solitons in Optics
Abstract We provide an overview of recent experimental and theoretical developments in the area of optical discrete solitons. By nature, discrete solitons represent self-trapped wavepackets inExpand
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Anderson localization and nonlinearity in one-dimensional disordered photonic lattices.
We experimentally investigate the evolution of linear and nonlinear waves in a realization of the Anderson model using disordered one-dimensional waveguide lattices. Two types of localizedExpand
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Discretizing light behaviour in linear and nonlinear waveguide lattices
Light propagating in linear and nonlinear waveguide lattices exhibits behaviour characteristic of that encountered in discrete systems. The diffraction properties of these systems can be engineered,Expand
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Compressive ghost imaging
We describe an advanced image reconstruction algorithm for pseudothermal ghost imaging, reducing the number of measurements required for image recovery by an order of magnitude. The algorithm isExpand
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High-NOON States by Mixing Quantum and Classical Light
All and Nothing Entanglement, where a system can be in a superposition of a number of distinct states simultaneously, is a principle at the foundation of quantum mechanics (recall Schrödinger's cat,Expand
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Scanningless depth-resolved microscopy.
The ability to perform optical sectioning is one of the great advantages of laser-scanning microscopy. This introduces, however, a number of difficulties due to the scanning process, such as lowerExpand
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