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Automatic paraphrase acquisition from news articles
This is the initial attempt at automatically extracting paraphrases from a corpus, and the results are promising. Expand
Preemptive Information Extraction using Unrestricted Relation Discovery
A technique called Unrestricted Relation Discovery is proposed that discovers all possible relations from texts and presents them as tables in order to extend the boundary of Information Extraction systems. Expand
Paraphrase Acquisition for Information Extraction
This paper describes the basic idea of paraphrase acquisition, and introduces two techniques: coreference resolution and structural restriction of possible portions of expressions. Expand
Named Entity Discovery Using Comparable News Articles
A way to discover Named Entities by using the distribution of words in news articles, which can be used to strengthen the lexical knowledge of a Named Entity tagger. Expand
Shared Corpora Working Group Report
This study will focus on the problem of identifying representative corpora suitable for annotation by the computational linguistics annotation community as well as the suitability of two candidate corpora: the Open portion of the American National Corpus and the "Controversial" portions of the WikipediaXML corpus. Expand
Animated Agents Capable of Understanding Natural Language and Performing Actions
This chapter describes a system called Kairai and its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities. It identifies its strength and shortcomings and identifies requirements for future NLUExpand
Kairai ” — Software Robots Understanding Natural Language
We are developing a system named Kairai, in which virtual robots understand natural language instructions and act on them in the virtual world. In this paper, first we review the existing dialogueExpand
Analyzing Code Comments to Boost Program Comprehension
This work developed a method to discover explanatory code comments in a source code that focuses on a microscopic comment within a method or function, in contrast to the prior efforts that focused on API-or method-level comments. Expand
Space Saving Text Input Method for Head Mounted Display with Virtual 12-key Keyboard
This paper proposes a novel text input system for HMDs that builds on top of a commodity camera device, Leap Motion, and enables effective input in a small physical/virtual space, with a virtual 12-key keyboard. Expand