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Asymmetric epoxidation of alpha-olefins having neighboring sugar chiral templates and alternating copolymerization with dicarboxylic anhydrides.
Sugar-substituted epoxides 5-8 were synthesized by asymmetric epoxidation of alpha-olefins having neighboring sugars by use of an achiral oxidant, in which the sugar moiety acted as a chiral template.
Thermal response of a non-ionic surfactant layer at the water/oil interface during microwave heating
Abstract This study measured in-situ the interfacial tension of the decane/water interface during microwave radiation, in the presence of the non-ionic surfactants Triton X-100 and X-405. It has been
Synthesis of polyester having pendent hydroxyl groups via regioselective dehydration polycondensations of dicarboxylic acids and diols by low temperature polycondensation
In this article, we describe the one-step synthesis of polyesters having pendent hydroxyl groups by Lewis acid-catalyzed, regioselective, dehydration polycondensations of diols (glycerol and
Evaluation of polyanion-coated biodegradable polymeric micelles as drug delivery vehicles.
HA-coated micelles have potential utility as drug delivery vehicles exhibiting specific accumulation into LSECs, as compared with polymeric micells coated with other polyanionic polysaccharides.
A dimensionless number for microwave non-equilibrium local heating through surfactant desorption
In previous study, the interfacial tension during microwave irradiation was measured in the presence of the non-ionic surfactant, Triton X-100. If the surfactant is short, quick increase during the
Characterization of the microwave-induced boiling behaviour at oil/water interface
Abstract In our recent study, a new dimensionless number for microwave local heating at an interface was proposed for explanation of surfactant desorption behaviour in water and oil system. In this
Salting out effect on Triton X-405 layer at the octane-water interface during microwave heating
Abstract The behaviour of a long-tailed surfactant (Triton X-405) at the water-octane interface was monitored in-situ during microwave heating in the presence of an electrolyte (NaCl). The
Interfacial tension behavior between decane-water with triton X-100 under various microwave irradiation conditions
Recently, special behavior of interfacial tension during and after microwave irradiation was found. To understand the behavior in more details, microwave irradiation pattern was changed in this
Preparation of Highly Stable Biodegradable Polymer Micelles by Coating with Polyion Complex
Positively charged core/shell type polymer micelles were prepared from a biodegradable amphiphilic block copolymer, poly(L-lysine)-block-poly(L-lactide). Polyanion-coated biodegradable polymer