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Radiation from a strongly-magnetized plasma: The case of predominant scattering
On the basis of diffusion approach for normal modes, solutions of the radiative transfer problem are obtained and analysed for an optically thick tenuous plasma with a strong magnetic field. The case
X-ray counterpart candidates for six new γ-ray pulsars
Using archival X-ray data we have found point-like X-ray counterpart candidates positionally coincident with six $\gamma$-ray pulsars discovered recently in the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope data
Spectra of radiation from a strongly magnetized plasma
AbstractRadiation from an optically thick, tenuous, isothermal and magnetized plasma is considered under conditions typical for X-ray pulsars, in the approximation of coupled diffusion of normal
The effect of vacuum birefringence in a magnetic field on the polarization and beaming of x-ray pulsars
For current models of x-ray pulsars, vacuum polarization by the magnetic field should not induce any appreciable depolarization of the x rays. Vacuum birefringence could alter the character of the
Influence of polarization of vacuum in a magnetic field on the propagation of radiation in a plasma
It is shown that the polarization of vacuum by a strong magnetic field leads to a substantial change in the polarization, in the angular distribution, and in the emission spectrum of a magnetoactive
Astron observations of the Rapid Burster MXB 1730-335 and constraints on burster parameters from spectra of trailing bursts
We report on eight X-ray bursts detected by ASTRON from the Rapid Burster (RB) on 13 and 28 April and 16 August, 1983. Six of them (trailing bursts), with durations of 1.5–2 min, rise times of 5–10 s
Directionality and spectrum of the x-ray emission from a neutron star uniformly heated over its surface and with a strong magnetic field
The spectral flux is calculated for x-ray emission from a rotating neutron star uniformly heated over its surface (T = 10 /sup 80/K) and having a strong dipolar magnetic field (B = 5 x 10/sup 12/ G