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How to interpret the music of caressing: Target and source assignment in synaesthetic genitive constructions
Abstract Metaphors have traditionally been defined as mappings between two conceptual domains, the target and the source. A fundamental question here is how people assign the target and sourceExpand
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Semantic transparency and translucency in compound blissymbols
Blissymbolics is a graphic symbol system used for communication by individuals whose speech is nonfunctional. The transparency and translucency of Blissymbolics have been viewed in the context of theExpand
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Cognitive constraints on directionality in the semantic structure of poetic vs. non-poetic metaphors
Abstract The paper focuses on directionality in the semantic structure of poetic vs. non-poetic metaphors. The first question addressed by the paper is: What are the constraints on mapping in theExpand
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On the Structure and Understanding of Poetic Oxymoron
La structure semantique des relations antonyme-hyponyme dans la constitution de la poeticite de l'oxymore
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Symmetric and asymmetric comparisons
Abstract The present paper focuses on the distinction between symmetric and asymmetric comparisons of the form ‘A is like B’. Three main proposals are made: (1) It is proposed, contrary to a viewExpand
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Taxonomy Study of Interest Management in Distributed Virtual Environment
We present a new taxonomy of interest manage- ment based on its three elements: (representation model, filtering rule, architecture), and classify most existed interest management methods according to it. Expand
How Grammar Introduces Asymmetry Into Cognitive Structures: Compositional Semantics, Metaphors, and Schematological Hybrids
This paper presents a preliminary and tentative formulation of a novel empirical generalization governing the relationship between grammar and cognition across a variety of independent domains. ItsExpand
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