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Evaluation of synthetic aluminum silicate modified by magnesia for the removal of 137Cs, 60Co and 152+154Eu from low-level radioactive waste.
The present study concerns the preparation, characterization and testing of an inorganic ion exchanger Aluminum Silicate Modified Magnesia (ASMM). The ASMM composite was prepared using sol-gelExpand
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Hollow Fiber Supported Liquid Membrane for Separation and Recovery of 152+154 Eu and 90 Sr from Aqueous Acidic Wastes
Separation and recovery of 152+154Eu and 90Sr from radioactive waste using tracer concentration from active material from waste tank in the ET-RR1 Egypt via hollow fiber supported liquid membraneExpand
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Removal of chromium from aqueous waste solution using liquid emulsion membrane.
This paper presents a comprehensive study in recovery of Cr (VI) from dilute HCl solution using liquid emulsion membrane (LEM). The liquid membrane is made up of Tri-octylphosphine oxide (TOPO) as aExpand
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Recovery of uranium from thorium in hydrochloric acid medium by liquid emulsion membranes containing trioctylphosphine oxide
The isolation of minor uranium concentration from thorium matrix in HCl medium was investigated using liquid emulsion membrane (LEM) containing TOPO as carrier, Span 80 as surfactant and sodiumExpand
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Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on the Separation of Uranium and Thorium from Nitric Acid Medium by Liquid Emulsion Membrane Based on Trioctylphosphine Oxide Extractant
It was found that the extraction percent (E%) values of U(VI), Th, Zr and Fe(III) from 0.1mol dm-3 (M) HNO3 solution by 0.1M TOPO in cyclohexane solution are 98, 78, 85 and 85%, respectively. AmongExpand
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Removal of Alcyon II, CGR, MeV 60Co Teletherapy Head and Evaluation of Exposure Dose
Teletherapy units containing 60Co source are used in Egypt and worldwide for treatment of cancer diseases. One of the widely used in Egypt is Alcyon CGR MeV. Different radiotherapy facilities need toExpand
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Four liquid emulsion membrane (LEM) systems are given to remove different hazardous elements such as uranium, thorium, cobalt, copper, lead, and cadmium from different aqueous waste effluents. TheExpand
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Anti-inflammatory new coumarin from the Ammi
Investigation of the aerial parts of the Egyptian medicinal plant Ammi majus L. led to isolation of new coumarin, 6hydroxy-7-methoxy-4 methyl coumarin (2) and 6-hydroxy-7-methoxy coumarin (3); thisExpand
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Conditioning of disused Ra-226 radioactive sealed sources in Egypt
The present work describes the technical information on issues associated with the management of disused Ra-226 radioactive sources. The different settings needed to condition these sources inExpand
Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste from Research, Hospitals and Nuclear Medical Centers in Egypt - 13469
The application of radioisotopes and radiation sources in medical diagnosis and therapy is an important issue. Physicians can use radioisotopes to diagnose and treat diseases. Methods of treatment,Expand