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Two-loop QCD gauge coupling at high temperatures
We determine the 2-loop effective gauge coupling of QCD at high temperatures, defined as a matching coefficient appearing in the dimensionally reduced effective field theory. The result allows toExpand
Four-loop decoupling relations for the strong coupling
We compute the matching relation for the strong coupling constant within the framework of QCD up to four-loop order. This allows a consistent five-loop running (once the β function is available toExpand
The Pressure of hot QCD up to g6 ln(1/g)
The free energy density, or pressure, of QCD has at high temperatures an expansion in the coupling constant g, known so far up to order g^5. We compute here the last contribution which can beExpand
Quark mass thresholds in QCD thermodynamics
We discuss radiative corrections to how quark mass thresholds are crossed, as a function of the temperature, in basic thermodynamic observables such as the pressure, the energy and entropy densities,Expand
The static potential in QCD to two loops
We evaluate the static QCD potential to two–loop order. Compared to a previous calculation a sizable reduction of the two–loop coefficient a2 is found. ∗e–mail: York.Schroeder@desy.de
Open problems in hot QCD
We try to give a comprehensive review of the main methods used in modern multi-loop calculations in finite-temperature field theory. While going through explicit examples, we point out similaritiesExpand
Four-loop pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory
Inspired by the corresponding problem in QCD, we determine the pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory up to order g 6 in the weak-coupling expansion, where g 2 denotes the quartic couplingExpand
High-precision epsilon expansions of single-mass-scale four-loop vacuum bubbles
In this article we present a high-precision evaluation of the expansions in $\e=(4-d)/2$ of (up to) four-loop scalar vacuum master integrals, using the method of difference equations developed by S.Expand
Four loop renormalization of the Gross-Neveu model
We renormalize the $SU(N)$ Gross-Neveu model in the modified minimal subtraction scheme at four loops and determine the $\ensuremath{\beta}$ function at this order. The theory ceases to beExpand
Spatial string tension revisited
The spatial string tension, a classic non-perturbative probe for the convergence of the weak-coupling expansion at high temperatures, can be determined in full QCD as well as in a dimensionallyExpand