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Thermal right-handed neutrino production rate in the non-relativistic regime
A bstractWe consider the next-to-leading order thermal production rate of heavy right-handed neutrinos in the non-relativistic regime mtop ≲ πT ≪ M, where mtop refers to the electroweak scale.Expand
Five-loop quark mass and field anomalous dimensions for a general gauge group
A bstractWe present analytical five-loop results for the quark mass and quark field anomalous dimensions, for a general gauge group and in the MS¯$$ \overline{\mathrm{MS}} $$ scheme. We confirm theExpand
A new method for taming tensor sum-integrals
A bstractWe report on the computation of a class of massless bosonic three-loop vacuum sum-integrals which are key building blocks for an evaluation of the Debye screening mass in hot QCD.Expand
The five-loop Beta function for a general gauge group and anomalous dimensions beyond Feynman gauge
A bstractWe focus on a non-abelian gauge field coupled to a single (but general) representation of a family of Nf fermions. By using the same machinery that had allowed us to evaluate the sub-leadingExpand
The Static potential in QCD to two loops
We evaluate the static QCD potential to two--loop order. Compared to a previous calculation a sizable reduction of the two--loop coefficient $a_2$ is found.
Complete renormalization of QCD at five loops
A bstractWe present new analytical five-loop Feynman-gauge results for the anomalous dimensions of ghost field and -vertex, generalizing the known values for SU(3) to a general gauge group. TogetherExpand
Long-distance contributions to the QCD pressure
The QCD pressure is a most fundamental quantity, for which lattice data is available up to a few times the critical temperature $T_c$. Perturbation theory, even at very high temperatures, has seriousExpand
Loops for Hot QCD
In this talk we review the status concerning vacuum integrals needed in perturbative expansions of QCD at non-zero temperature. We will focus on the differences as compared to familiarExpand
Soft thermal contributions to 3-loop gauge coupling
A bstractWe analyze 3-loop contributions to the gauge coupling felt by ultrasoft (“magnetostatic”) modes in hot Yang-Mills theory. So-called soft/hard terms, originating from dimension-six operatorsExpand
The ultraviolet limit and sum rule for the shear correlator in hot Yang-Mills theory
We determine a next-to-leading order result for the correlator of the shear stress operator in high-temperature Yang-Mills theory. The computation is performed via an ultraviolet expansion, valid inExpand