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Mock Circulatory Test of Linear Pulse Motor-Driven Artificial Heart
This paper deals with the characteristics of a linear pulse motor (LPM-S88) which was developed as a small-size electromagnetic actuator for a left-side artificial heart. The required thrust of theExpand
Development ofArtificial HeartandIntra Aortic Balloon PumpUsing Linear Pulse Motor
This papercleals withan Intra- Aortic BalloonPump(IABP) andArtificial Heart(AH)using linear pulse motors(LPMs). Thedevice characteristics maybesummarized asfollows. Themaximumstatic thrusts ofthe LPMExpand
Development of artificial heart with left and right ventricles using a linear pulse motor
It is demonstrated that the linear pulse motor, with its high thrust/input power ratio, has considerable promise as the actuator for an artificial heart. Expand
Development of Artificial Heart and Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Using Linear Pulse Motor
This paper deals with an Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) and Artificial Heart (AH) using linear pulse motors (LPMs). The device characteristics may be summarized as follows. The maximum staticExpand
Noise Rejection Using Independent Component Analysis and Wiener Filter For Fetal Magnetocardiogram
We measured fetal magnetocardiograms (fMCGs) to analyze variability in the heart rate of a fetus. The heart rate variability was calculated from the interval of the R wave peak of fMCGs. However, theExpand