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On the morphology, Reproduction and cytology of two new freshwater dinoflagellates from India
The morphology, reproduction and cytology of two new species of Gymnodinium are described, as also are morphological variations encountered in natural populations and cultures. Expand
Woloszynskia stoschii andGymnodinium indicum, two new freshwater dinoflagellates from India: Morphology, reproduction and cytology
The distinctive morphological and karyological features of the two new species, collected from freshwater habitats in North India, are presented and compared with those of related taxa of theExpand
Effects of Colchicine on the Cell Division of a Colonial Green Algal Flagellate Gonium Pectorale Muller
The effects of colchicine on a colonial algal flagellate Gonium pectorale (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae) are recorded for the first time, with increases ranging from partial doubling, to diploidy and tetraploidsy, and increase in chromosome number being the outstanding effect. Expand
Effects of nutrients present in Bold’s basal medium on the green algaStigeoclonium pascheri
The effects of varying concentrations of nutrients present in Bold’s basal medium on the extent of colony formation from vegetative fragments, sporulation and spore germination of the greenExpand
Observations on the morphology, reproduction and cytology of stigeoclonium pascheri (vischer) cox et bold (chaetophorales-chlorophyceae) and their bearing on the validity of the genus caespitella
The present study shows a large overlapping of morphological characters between the genera Stigeoclonium and Caespitella and supports Cox & Bold's abandonment of the latter generic name and its merger into the genus StigeOClonium. Expand
Effects of Colchicine on the Green Alga Sphaeroplea annulina (Roth) Ag
Colchicine has been successfully employed for the first time in inducing the formation of polyploid nuclei in the green alga Sphaeroplea annulina (Roth) Ag. The haploid chromosome number wasExpand
Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Survival Pattern of a Few Members of Conjugales
The material of Spirogyra azygospora Singh was exposed to different doses of UV light, and effects of different periods of dark incubation after UV treatment were studied; such studies being first of their kind on a filamentous green alga. Expand
Significance of Chromosome Numbers in Charophyta — A Discussion
The role of polyploids in the evolution of Charophyta and the possible ways in which polyploid taxa might have originated in nature have been considered and on the basis of present evidences aneuploids seem to show restricted geographical distribution as compared to euploids. Expand