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Effects of 1-Hexylcarbamoyl-5-fluorouracil (HCFU) and Its Metabolites on Bladder Movement
Findings lead to the postulation that the pollakisuria caused by HCFU is due to stimulation by CPEFU of the micturition reflex center in the brain stem.
Studies on the muscle relaxation effects of ethyl loflazepate (CM6912) and evaluation as an anti-anxiety drug.
It is suggested that CM6912 is less potent than diazepam in reducing muscular tone and in inducing sleep, while it has a stronger and longer-lasting anti-anxietic activity thandiazepam.
Inhibitory effect on 3H-diazepam binding and potentiating action on GABA of ethyl loflazepate, a new minor tranquilizer.
CM6912, CM7116 and diazepam potentiated the suppressive action of GABA on spontaneous spikes of Purkinje cells in guinea pig cerebellar slices in a dose-dependent manner and suggest that CM6912 andCM7116 may potentiate the postsynaptic inhibitoryaction of GABA in a manner similar to and probably more strongly than diazepAM.