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A Functional Link Between RuBisCO-like Protein of Bacillus and Photosynthetic RuBisCO
The genomes of several nonphotosynthetic bacteria, such as Bacillus subtilis, and some Archaea include genes for proteins with sequence homology to the large subunit of ribulose bisphosphateExpand
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A New Rubisco-like Protein Coexists with a Photosynthetic Rubisco in the Planktonic Cyanobacteria Microcystis*
Two genes encoding proteins related to large subunits of Rubisco were identified in the genome of the planktonic cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa PCC 7806 that forms water blooms worldwide. TheExpand
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Three conserved glycine residues in valine activation of gramicidin S synthetase 2 from Bacillus brevis.
The translated product from the gene fragment containing the second and third domains of gramicidin S synthetase 2 was purified to an essentially homogeneous state. It showed valine- andExpand
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Crystal structure of 5‐methylthioribose 1‐phosphate isomerase product complex from Bacillus subtilis: Implications for catalytic mechanism
The methionine salvage pathway (MSP) plays a crucial role in recycling a sulphahydryl derivative of the nucleoside. Recently, the genes and reactions in MSP from Bacillus subtilis have beenExpand
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Enzymatic Characterization of 5-Methylthioribulose-1-phosphate Dehydratase of the Methionine Salvage Pathway in Bacillus subtilis
5-Methylthioribulose-1-phosphate (MTRu-1-P) dehydratase catalyzes the reaction from MTRu-1-P to 2,3-diketo-5-methylthiopentyl-1-phosphate (DK-MTP-1-P) in the methionine salvage pathway in BacillusExpand
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Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of the gramicidin S synthetase 1 gene.
The entire gene for gramicidin S synthetase 1 (GS 1) was cloned into the plasmid vector pUC18, and the nucleotide sequences of the GS 1 gene and its flanking region were determined. The full-lengthExpand
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Effect of single base substitutions at glycine-870 codon of gramicidin S synthetase 2 gene on proline activation.
The mutant gene coding for a proline-activating domain (grs2-pro) was cloned and sequenced from Bacillus brevis Nagano, BII-3 strain, which produces gramicidin S synthetase 2 defective inExpand
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Clastogenic potential of heavy oil extracts and some aza-arenes in Chinese hamster cells in culture.
Chromosomal aberration tests in vitro, with a Chinese hamster fibroblast cell line, CHL, were carried out on B class heavy oil fractions, obtained by silica-gel column chromatography and aExpand
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Some mutants of Bacillus brevis deficient in gramicidin S formation.
Twenty mutants of Bacillus brevis which were deficient in gramicidin S formation were isolated by N-methyl-N′-nitrosoguanidine treatment. In addition to three groups which have been previouslyExpand
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Purification and properties of branched chain amino acid aminotransferase from gramicidin S-producing Bacillus brevis.
The branched chain amino acid aminotransferase [EC] was purified to a homogeneous state from a gramicidin S-producing strain of Bacillus brevis. The enzyme had a molecular weight of aboutExpand
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