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Investigation of the Rate-Determining Process in the Hepatic Elimination of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors in Rats and Humans
Elucidation of the rate-determining process in the overall hepatic elimination of drugs is critical for predicting their intrinsic hepatic clearance and the impact of variation of sequestrationExpand
Gene Expression Analysis of the Effect of Ischemic Infarction in Whole Blood
Given the abundance of stroke patients and deaths from stroke worldwide, many studies concerning the aftermath of stroke are being carried out. To reveal the precise effect of ischemic infarction, weExpand
Behavior of the Martian north polar cap, 1975–1978
In the photographic observations of Mars at the Kwasan Observatory and at the Hida Observatory during the 1977–1978 apparition, the north polar cap was first observed at Ls = 14°, and the latitude ofExpand
The Optical Thickness of the Blue-White Cloud near Nix Olympica of Mars in 1982
Apparition en 1982 d'un nuage d'ete sur le flanc du Mont Olympus, montrant une variation diurne d'eclat apparent sur plus d'un mois. On pense que ce nuage est compose de glace H 2 O
Martian north polar cap 1979–1980
A regression curve for the north polar cap of Mars is extracted from the photographs obtained at Kwasan Observatory and at Hida Observatory during the 1979–1980 apparition. The north polar cap wasExpand
Martian late-northern-winter polar hood opacities and non-visibility of a surface cap: 1975 and 1990 observations
In the 1975 and 1990 apparitions of Mars, the north polar hoods were always seen bright on blue images. The boundaries of the polar hoods lay in mid latitudes of 30°N to 45°N, and the maximumExpand
Factors associated with a single-mating occurrence in first-serviced and reserviced female pigs on commercial farms.
This study investigated associations of a single-mating occurrence (SMO) with farrowing rate and pigs born alive (PBA) in first-serviced and reserviced female pigs (females), and identified theExpand
Preparation of high-titer retroviral vectors using transient expression system
Retroviral vectors are widely used as a tool for introduction of a foreign gene into host genome. High viral titer preparation is required for generation of transgenic animals. In this regard, weExpand
Salary for Smoking Break (SSB) of Civil Servants (CS) in Japan
Salary for Smoking Break (SSB) of Civil Servants (CS) of Japan was estimated after a survey of the number of smoking CS during office hours at outdoor Designated Smoking Area (DSA) of two cities,Expand
Appareil de relais de signaux d'un systeme de communication optique
L'invention concerne un appareil de relais de signaux qui possede une pluralite de convertisseurs photoelectriques qui convertissent un signal optique entre depuis un equipement electronique (A-C) enExpand