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Off-axis phase-matched terahertz emission from two-color laser-induced plasma filaments.
We observe off-axis phase-matched terahertz generation in long air-plasma filaments produced by femtosecond two-color laser focusing. Here, phase matching naturally occurs due to off-axisExpand
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Anisotropic high-harmonic generation in bulk crystals
High-harmonic generation in a solid turns out to be sensitive to the interatomic bonding — a very useful feature that could enable the all-optical imaging of the interatomic potential.
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Laser waveform control of extreme ultraviolet high harmonics from solids.
Solid-state high-harmonic sources offer the possibility of compact, high-repetition-rate attosecond light emitters. However, the time structure of high harmonics must be characterized at theExpand
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Observation of backward high-harmonic emission from solids.
We experimentally demonstrate backward emission of high-harmonics of a near-infrared laser from MgO and Si crystals in the direction of specular reflection. We show that the variation of theExpand
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Elliptically polarized terahertz generation in two-color laser filamentation
We observe terahertz polarization evolves from linear to elliptical with increasing plasma length. This ellipticity arises from successive polarization rotation of local THz plasma sources and theExpand
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Physical mechanism of terahertz generation in two-color photoionization
Title of Document: PHYSICAL MECHANISM OF TERAHERTZ GENERATION IN TWO-COLOR PHOTOIONIZATION Yong Sing You, Doctor of Philosophy, 2014 Directed By: Professor Ki-Yong Kim Institute for Research inExpand
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Generation of strong terahertz fields exceeding 8 MV/cm at 1 kHz and real-time beam profiling
We demonstrate high-field (>8 MV/cm) terahertz generation at a high-repetition-rate (1 kHz) via two-color laser filamentation. Here, we use a cryogenically cooled femtosecond laser amplifier capableExpand
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Intense terahertz generation in two-color laser filamentation: energy scaling with terawatt laser systems
We investigate high-power terahertz (THz) generation in two-color laser filamentation using terawatt (TW) lasers including a 0.5?TW, 1?kHz system, as well as 2 and 30?TW systems both operating atExpand
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Two-dimensional plasma current and optimized terahertz generation in two-color photoionization.
Two-dimensional (2-D) transverse photocurrent generation is studied and applied to control and optimize terahertz energy and polarization in two-color, laser-produced air filaments. A full control ofExpand
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