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Clinical manifestations and prognostic factors of Morganella morganii bacteremia
In conclusion, M. morganii bacteremia patients were mostly elderly, with one or more comorbidities, and most of the patients had community-acquired infection via the urinary and hepatobiliary tracts, and prognosis can be predicted according to disease severity measured by the APACHE II score.
AdeRS combination codes differentiate the response to efflux pump inhibitors in tigecycline-resistant isolates of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii
It is found that AdeRS combination codes were better than PFGE typing in separating groups of isolates with different sensitivity to NMP conversion, and Transcripts of the AdeABC efflux pump gene were consistently more correlated with TGC resistance than transcripts of theAdeFGJ or AdeIJK efflux pumps genes.
Empyema caused by Anaeroglobus geminates, a case report with literature review
The first case of an Anaeroglobus geminates invasive infection in humans characterized by pneumonia complicated with empyema is reported, and the pathogen was initially identified as Veillonella spp.
Phenotype microarray analysis of the AdeRS two-component system in Acinetobacter baumannii
The results suggested that the AdeRS TCS of A. baumannii was important for both elimination of antibiotics and tolerance to particular compounds.