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Adsorption of acid dyes on chitosan—equilibrium isotherm analyses
Abstract The ability of chitosan, derived from deacetylated crab shell chitin, to remove acid dyes from effluent solution by adsorption has been studied. Equilibrium isotherms for the adsorption ofExpand
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Intraparticle diffusion processes during acid dye adsorption onto chitosan.
The adsorption of five acid dyes onto chitosan was studied. The equilibrium capacities based on the Langmuir analysis were 1.54, 2.66, 1.11, 1.25 and 1.03 mmol/g chitosan for Orange 10 (AO10), AcidExpand
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Equilibrium studies for acid dye adsorption onto chitosan
The ability of chitosan as an adsorbent for the removal of acid dyestuff, namely, acid green 25, acid orange 10, acid orange 12, acid red 18, and acid red 73, from aqueous solution has been studied.Expand
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The sorption of acid dye onto chitosan nanoparticles
Abstract The behavior of chitosan nanoparticles as an adsorbent to remove Acid Green 27 (AG27), an acid dye, from an aqueous solution has been investigated with nanochitosan (particle size = 180 nm;Expand
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Enhancing the adsorption capacities of acid dyes by chitosan nano particles.
In the present study, nanochitosan emulsion has been produced in a suspension form by adding tripolyphosphate solution into a chitosan solution drop-wise. The adsorption capacities of four acid dyes,Expand
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Pseudo-first-order kinetic studies of the sorption of acid dyes onto chitosan
The adsorption of five acid dyes onto chitosan, derived through the deacetylation of crab-shell chitin, from aqueous solutions was studied. The equilibrium isotherms were measured and analyzed withExpand
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Polyethylenedioxythiophene coatings for humidity, temperature and strain sensing polyamide fibers
Abstract Conductive polyamide fibers were prepared by impregnating their fabric in an aqueous dispersion of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene–poly(4-styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT–PSS). The morphology of theExpand
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Preparation of O-carboxymethyl chitosans and their effect on color yield of acid dyes on silk
O-Carboxymethyl chitosans with a low degree of substitution (DS) and a high degree of deacetylation (DD) were prepared directly from chitin and characterized by using 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and elementalExpand
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Effect of temperature, particle size and percentage deacetylation on the adsorption of acid dyes on chitosan
Abstract The adsorption of five acidic dyes on chitosan—a by-product from waste crustacean shell—has been studied. The equilibrium data have been studied using Langmuir, Freundlich andExpand
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Comparative study of liquefaction process and liquefied products from bamboo using different organic solvents.
The effects of various solvents, including phenol, ethylene glycol (EG) and ethylene carbonate (EC), and different liquid ratios on the liquefaction of bamboo, have been studied systematically inExpand
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