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Formaldehyde-treated casein-safflower oil supplement for dairy cows. II. Effect on the fatty-acid composition of plasma and milk lipids.
This study reports the effect of feeding formaldehyde-treated or untreated spray-dried casein–safflower oil (1:1, w/w) particles on the fatty-acid composition of milk and plasma lipids of cows. WhenExpand
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Glutathione levels in the red blood cells of cattle.
1. The levels of reduced glutathione (GSH) were measured in the red blood cells of 259 cattle of two diverse populations consisting of various breeds. 2. There was a uniform distribution of GSHExpand
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The effect of feeding on evaporative heat loss and body temperature in Zebu and Jersey heifers.
Some physiological responses to moderate (70–80°F dry bulb and 60–70° wet bulb) ante-room and high (103° dry bulb and 83° wet bulb) hot room temperatures by two Jersey and two Zebu heifers underExpand
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Formulation of Reissner-Mindlin Moderately-Thick/Thin Plate Bending Elements
Nine-node quadrilateral element (HP-9) and twelve-node quadrilateral element (HP-12) are formulated on the basis of Reissner-Mindlin plate bending theory by the assumed-stress type hybrid method.Expand
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Formaldehyde-treated casein-safflower oil supplement for dairy cows. I. Effect on milk composition.
The effects of feeding lactating cows a daily supplement of 1 kg formaldehyde-treated casein–safflower oil (1:1, w/w) on the milk composition are reported. Three breeds, Jersey, Sahiwal and Sahiwal ×Expand
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Effect of lipid solvents on cutaneous moisture loss.
Application of various lipid solvents and dimethyl sulphoxide to the skin of cattle, sheep, eland and African buffalo exposed to an air temperature of 20 degrees C caused an increase in cutaneousExpand
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Evaluation of a rosette inhibition test for pregnancy diagnosis in pigs.
A rosette inhibition test was developed using pig lymphocytes and sheep red blood cells. Antilymphocyte serum (ALS) in the presence of complement inhibited rosette formation by greater than 95% atExpand
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