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Well-ordered V2O5(001) thin films on Au(111): Growth and thermal stability
Vanadium oxide thin films were grown on Au(111) by the oxidation of vapor-deposited V layers with 50 mbar of oxygen. The structure, composition, and thermal stability of the films have beenExpand
Selectivity in Methanol Oxidation as Studied on Model Systems Involving Vanadium Oxides
Oxidation catalysts are modeled by oxide single crystals, thin oxide films, as well as supported oxide nanoparticles. We characterize the surface of those materials using a variety of surfaceExpand
Low temperature adsorption of oxygen on reduced V2O3(0001) surfaces
Abstract Well ordered V 2 O 3 (0 0 0 1) films were prepared on Au(1 1 1) and W(1 1 0) substrates. These films are terminated by a layer of vanadyl groups under typical UHV conditions. Reduction byExpand
Formaldehyde formation on vanadium oxide surfaces V2O3(0001) and V2O5(001): how does the stable methoxy intermediate form?
Hydrogen atoms originating from the scission of the methanol O-H bond react with the substrate and form water and may result in the production of additional surface defects as reactive centers for methoxy formation and in the stabilization of methoxy groups by suppression of meethanol formation. Expand
Methanol Adsorption on V2O3(0001)
Well ordered V2O3(0001) layers may be grown on Au(111) surfaces. These films are terminated by a layer of vanadyl groups which may be removed by irradiation with electrons, leading to a surfaceExpand
X-ray spectroscopic fingerprints of reactive oxygen sites at the MoO3(0 1 0) surface
The identification of oxygen sites at metal oxide surfaces and the characterization of their properties is of great importance for an understanding of the catalytic activity of such materials and,Expand
Photon cascade luminescence from Pr3+ ions in LiPrP4O12 polyphosphate
The spectral-kinetic properties of luminescence from LiY1?xPrxP4O12 (x = 1, 0.1) phosphors are studied in the 10?300?K temperature range upon excitation within the UV?VUV spectral range. TheExpand
Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on V2O3(0001)
The adsorption of carbon dioxide on epitaxially grown $$\text {V}_{2}\text {O}_{3}$$V2O3 layers on Au(111) has been studied with thermal desorption and infrared absorption spectroscopy. It is shownExpand
Well-Ordered Molybdenum Oxide Layers on Au(111): Preparation and Properties
MoO3 layers on Au(111) were prepared via oxidation of molybdenum at elevated temperature in an atmosphere of 50 mbar of O2. Three different types of oxide structures were identified. Up to monolayerExpand
Growth and Characterization of Ultrathin V2Oy (y ≈ 5) Films on Au(111)
The growth of vanadium oxide ultrathin films on Au(111) using physical vapor deposition of V and oxidation under 50 mbar of oxygen has been investigated with scanning tunneling microscopy, low-energyExpand