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Science on the periphery: a citation study of three less developed countries
The scientific interactions of three peripheral nations in terms of citations and references to scientific literature is considered, each with scientific establishments much smaller than those of central, or major, scientific nations. Expand
Language in Nationalism: Modern Hebrew in the Zionist Project
This article examines the history of Israel's lingua franca as a constituent of the Zionist project. Based largely on recent scholarship, this work sheds light on the role of language in theExpand
Technological Innovation in Science: The Adoption of Infrared Spectroscopy by Chemists
A FTER WORLD WAR II CHEMICAL RESEARCH changed significantly under the influence of new physical research methods. Among the most important new methods was infrared spectroscopy, which acquiredExpand
Chronic relapsing thrombocytopenic purpura with severe neurological manifestations and full recovery.
In the absence of clear guidelines, patients are still subjected to different treatment modalities according to the personal opinions and approaches of physicians, and well-controlled clinical trials to address this problem are required. Expand
Physics at the National Research Council of Canada, 1929-1952
physics at the national research council of canada 1929 1952. Book lovers, when you need a new book to read, find the book here. Never worry not to find what you need. Is the physics at the nationalExpand
Citation Visibility of Africa's Science
This Note analyzes data related to the visibility of the science being done in Africa. More specifically, the geographical distribution of citations to scientific papers produced at the University ofExpand
Rediscovering the instrument: research, industry, and education
  • Y. Rabkin
  • Geology, Engineering
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  • 1 June 1992
Physics, biology, geology, and chemistry all have had significant observational components in the course of their development. Chemistry projects the image of an experimental discipline parExpand
Polywater. Felix Franks