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Dammarane-type saponins from Panax quinquefolium and their inhibition activity on human breast cancer MCF-7 cells.
A new compound, named quinquefoloside-L(c) (1), together with nine known compounds, was isolated from leaves of Panax quinquefolium, and its structure was elucidated as 3beta,12beta,Expand
Three novel compounds from the leaves of Smallanthus sonchifolius
Three novel compounds, together with five known ingredients, octacosanol, 3′,4′,5-trihydroxy-3,7-dimethoxyflavone, 3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde, isorhamnetin, and ent-kaurane-3β,16β,17-triol, wereExpand
Open-Ring Butenolides from a Marine-Derived Anti-Neuroinflammatory Fungus Aspergillus terreus Y10
It is suggested that butenolides such as asperteretal F are a promising new anti-neuroinflammatroy candidate for neurodegenerative diseases. Expand
Structure elucidation and complete NMR spectral assignments of four new diterpenoids from Smallantus sonchifolius
Four new diterpenoids, named smaditerpenic acid A–D, together with five known compounds, were isolated from the H2O extract of the leaves of Smallantus sonchifolius (yacon) cultivated in Liaoning,Expand
DNA damage induced by shikonin in the presence of Cu(II) ions: potential mechanism of its activity to apoptotic cell death
It was suggested that shikonin generated ROS as a pro-oxidant in the presence of Cu(II), and ROS resulted in DNA damage and apoptotic cell death in cells. Expand
Synthesis of a novel galactosylated lipid and its application to the hepatocyte-selective targeting of liposomal doxorubicin.
It was suggested that liposomes containing such novel galactosylated lipid, CHS-ED-LA, had a great potential as drug delivery carriers for hepatocyte-selective targeting. Expand
New β-Lactone with Tea Pathogenic Fungus Inhibitory Effect from Marine-Derived Fungus MCCC3A00957.
Fusarium solani H915 (MCCC3A00957), a fungus originating from mangrove sediment, showed potent inhibitory activity against tea pathogenic fungus P. theae by interfering with the biosynthesis of ergosterol by down-regulating the expression of HMG-CoA synthase. Expand
Structure elucidation and complete NMR spectral assignments of two new dammarane‐type tetraglycosides from Panax quinquefolium
Two new saponins were isolated from leaves of Panax quinquefolium and their structures were elucidated as 3β, 12β, 20S‐trihydroxy‐25‐methoxydammar‐23‐eneExpand
Studies on chemical constituents of the leaves of Smallantus sonchifolius (yacon): Structures of two new diterpenes
The extract from the leaves of Smallantus sonchifolius (yacon) was found to show potent anti-diabetic activity, and two new diterpenes were isolated from the extract, together with six known compounds. Expand
PHB-Based Gels as Delivery Agents of Chemotherapeutics for the Effective Shrinkage of Tumors.
This work represents the first time that injectable PHB thermogels have possessed good controllable release effect of chemotherapeutics against the in vivo model of tumors and will benefit various applications, including on-demand drug delivery and personalized medicine. Expand