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Do National Patent Laws Stimulate Domestic Innovation in a Global Patenting Environment? A Cross-Country Analysis of Pharmaceutical Patent Protection, 19782002
  • Y. Qian
  • Economics
  • The Review of Economics and Statistics
  • 28 October 2007
This paper evaluates the effects of patent protection on pharmaceutical innovations for 26 countries that established pharmaceutical patent laws during 19782002. Controlling for countryExpand
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Impacts of Entry by Counterfeiters
This paper uses a natural experiment to test the impact of counterfeiting under weak intellectual property rights. I collect new panel data from Chinese shoe companies from 1993–2004. By exploitingExpand
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Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Innovation: Evidence from Trips
We examine the effect of pharmaceutical patent protection on the speed of drug launch, price, and quantity in 60 countries from 2000-2013. The World Trade Organization required its member countriesExpand
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Research Opportunities in Emerging Markets: an Inter-disciplinary Perspective from Marketing, Economics, and Psychology
Emerging markets are fast-growing developing countries that are creating not only a rapidly expanding segment of middle class and rich consumers but also have a sizable segment of “poor” consumers.Expand
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Sectoral co-control of air pollutants: case of a chlor-alkali/polyvinyl chloride sector in China
Abstract Taking coordinated control measures is widely considered as a way to reduce multiple emissions simultaneously. In China, the chlor-alkali/polyvinyl chloride sector is facing great pressureExpand
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Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour towards Store Brand: A Meta-Analysis
In order to improve the effectiveness of store brand management, this study presents a meta-analysis that aggregates empirical findings from the literature on consumer behaviour towards store brands.Expand
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Does Ethnicity Pay? Evidence from Overseas Chinese FDI in China
Most of the economic analyses of the overseas Chinese network focus on trade and investment flows at the country level. In this paper, we analyze the effects of the ethnic Chinese network at the firmExpand
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The GIS-Based Research of Measurement and Planning on Walkability of Educational Public Service Facilities - A Case Study in Wuhan
An empirical study on walkability measurement towards the educational public service facilities of Wuhan (capital of Hubei Province, China). Expand
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A Game Analysis of R&D Teams Collaborative Creation——From Knowledge Potential Perspective
Knowledge potential is promoted with knowledge interaction during the process of RD team collaborative creation.This study formalizes the relationship between knowledge potential and the utility ofExpand
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