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The use of a dense plasma focus accelerator in nuclear physics
Abstract The properties and the operation of a dense plasma focus accelerator are briefly described in connection with its possible use in nuclear physics. An example of the half-life measurement ofExpand
In Search of Arab Unity 1930-1945
Hashemite attempts at fertile crescent unity: Faysal's Syrian initiatives 'Abdallah's greater Syria project Nuri al-Sa'id's initiative. The ever-present panacea - Arab Federation as a solution to theExpand
Abdallah's greater Syria programme
The death of King Faysal I in September 1933 and the abstention of King Ghazi and the Iraqi Government from pursuing the late King's unity policy left the stage vacant for Husayn Ibn Ali's other sonExpand
Archaeological remains at Jatt
Presentation des resultats de diverses fouilles de sauvetage menees sur le tell de Jatt et dans ses environs immediats entre 1982 et 1990. L'ensemble contient des vestiges datant pour les plusExpand
Chapter 5. The inscriptions in burial cave 5
Catalogue des quinze inscriptions funeraires du 1e siecle apr. J.-C. decouvertes dans la grotte 5 du site de Jatt.
The neutron-neutron scattering length from the reaction n + d --> 2n + p
Abstract In order to examine the source of discrepancy in determining the neutron-neutron scattering length a nn from the reactions π − + d → 2n + γ , and n + d → 2n + p, the latter reaction wasExpand